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Monique Elouise

 Reiki Master & Teacher + Energy Healer + Intuitive Empath + Meditation

Melbourne, Australia

- Through Darkness Comes Light -

I see you. You're scared, lost, alone, and searching for something that can help propel you through what you are feeling, and let it become the past. You're ready to indulge in a warm blanket of holistic healing energy, and be guided by someone who has been there before, in order to break down the walls you've created around you. Whether it is anxiety, pain, depression, trauma, spiritual awakening, or you are looking for help to work through a situation that feels out of control;

I am here, and I can help.

By utilising energy healing techniques learned over a lifetime, I will guide you back to the most authentic, healthful, happy version of yourself  - all you need to do is commit to meeting the darkness held within, so that can return you to the light. It's ok not to be ok, but if its left lingering, now is the time to seek out a service that can truly help shift the blockages, mindset, negative energies, thoughts and emotions that you are holding, to help you return to feeling whole, healed, and vibrantly light.

Ready to start your process? Press 'Book Now' below to schedule an initial consultation and energy healing treatment, or contact me via the information at the bottom of this page. 

Want to learn more about my own healing journey? Click 'here', pull up a chair, and let me share my own journey of navigating darkness to find the light  - trust me when I say, you're not alone! 

Love & light, 

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Are you ready to journey from your heart and land within your soul alignment? 


-  How I Can  Help -

Step 01.


New to healing work? Start with an Initial Consult & Treatment, and progress through various treatments, such as 'Reiki with Yoga Nidra', or 'Transform and Manifest Greatness' as and when you need something a little deeper

Step 02.


Love to learn? Join me for a group spiritual workshop or enhance your spiritual and professional development with accreddited Reiki training.

Step 03.


Ready for the next step? Continue your energy healing journey by induling in one on one mentoring sessions to hone your talent, learn new skills and techniques and gain valuable experience. 

Questions? Click here to reach out for a good old fashioned chat!

- How Energy Healing Works - 

In the realm of physics, there are two worlds; the recognizable world which we can see and perceive as reality, through our conscious mind; and the hidden, subatomic world, which is made up entirely of energy. This second place that aligns our subconscious (holds our beliefs, experiences, trauma etc.) and superconscious (higher self, goddess, universal energy) is where I believe the 'magic' of change truly takes place; and I am here to help guide you by unlocking the secrets of your body, mind and soul through energetic healing techniques alongside my intuitive empath gifts and psychic senses.

Due to the ways of Western society, we are conditioned to believe who we are, what we stand for, what we are capable of, and how life should look; but wouldn't it be great if we could re-write that story and unlearn it all in order to actually thrive? Now, I could just recommend you a whole bunch of books and prescribe you to "Buy the ticket, quit your job, fall in love, and never return" - but if you want direct results, you need to make direct changes. That is, getting to the root cause, challenging your beliefs, unlocking the secrets of your body, releasing hardened trauma and hidden emotions, and helping rewrite the story of your ideal life with a positive mindset and energy to match.  

I will help you dig deep into your soul; shift blockages and points of view that have been holding you captive; and help you to realise the beauty and power you are holding deep within. 

Like the journey of one thousand miles, we must start with taking the first giant leap; and I am here whole-heartedly to support you the entire way.


- Here's What My Clients Say -