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Trasformational Coaching

- Transformational Coaching- 

You Will Receive Over Four Weeks:

+ Weekly guided video conferencing sessions for you to talk, share, laugh, cry and figure out what needs to be challenged in order for you to create lasting change.

+ 2x powerful energy healing sessions to reset your energy body; release negative energy, entities and stuck emotions as well as rebalancing your chakras and clearing karmic contracts

(performed in person or via distance). 

+ 2x Energetic Emotional Reset Session to let release your deepest wounds.

+ Weekly assignments to keep you learning, growing, and accountable for change.

+ Channelled written intuitive energy guidance to uncover your 'blocks' at a soul level and work through. 

  + Tailored holistic healing techniques to manage your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing that have been learned from a lifetime of self-healing, research and international teachers.

- A special gift from me to enhance your healing journey.

- 1x oracle card reading to uncover your energetic future imprint.

- Confidence in who you are, what you want, and who you have become.

All For The Soul Changing Investment Of Just $1333!

These are not just newly learned tools and tricks being passed on from a year long course; but lessons, teachings, learnings and deeply transformative experiential techniques I have learned over a lifetime to overcome my own trauma and blocks, allowing me to step into a consistently higher state of mind, drawing in the life that I made through the magic of manifestation. 

This privately guided, one-on-one course will commence at different intakes throughout the year and requires consistent attendance over 4 weeks based around 2x 1 hour sessions per week (healing and video conferencing), as well as time set aside for assignments, self care activities and reading.

Monique Elouise Quantum Energy Healer & Manifesting Mastery
Monique Elouise Quantum Energy Healer & Manifesting Mastery
Monique Elouise Quantum Energy Healer & Manifesting Mastery
Monique Elouise Quantum Energy Healer & Manifesting Mastery
Monique Elouise Quantum Energy Healer & Manifesting Mastery

Four Week Transformation | Private Coaching | March 2023 Intake

For most of us, 2020 and beyond brought up new emotions of anxiety, scarcity, fear, mistrust, lack, and even PTSD. It challenged people to examine their core by peeling back the layers toward their inner existence, and made many realise that their well worn outer shell no longer aligned with them.

Now is the time for true change.

Now is the time to redefine your authenticity.

Now is the time to take action and hold yourself accountable for creating an inspired, nourished, and enlightened version of you!

If you've been patiently putting your life on hold brewing inner turmoil that has risen to the surface, and you innately know that the way forward to a better you is through  - this personalised four week transformation coaching series is for you.

Due to the time I want to spend with each client in and out of sessions, I have a very limited intake starting in March 2023, and would LOVE to hear from you about why you want to immerse yourself on this journey.  To secure your place, a non-refundable deposit of $555 is requested below to ensure you release your fears, show up as scheduled, and continually 'do the work' to land at an enlivened state of true change at a soul level.

Ready to commit?

Pay the deposit via the PayPal link below. 

Now is the time to wash off the past, step into your light, and truly become the best version of who you REALLY are.

I cannot wait to start this journey with you, giving you all the insights your body has been holding onto and arming your with the transformation tools that will truly set you free.  

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