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10 Powerful Ways To Enhance Your Intuition

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Intuition is a natural sense that all of us have... it's just that over time, we are bombarded with conditioning through our parents, schooling, media, friendships and celebrity that makes our own innate sense of knowing lessen, as we are encouraged to think, feel and be, well, just like everyone else. Did you know though, that despite where your level of intuition might be sitting at right now; you can actually learn to grow it with some simple tricks? Keep reading, and I will share some of my favourite tricks!

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” Dean Koontz

Have you ever been in a place or situation and had a strong gut feeling that you should leave? Have you ever met someone and felt almost repulsed by them without knowing why? Have you ever had a plate of food in front of you and your gut started churning, like you shouldn't eat it? That is your intuition trying to get your attention by telling you that something isn't right for you. It's just that more often than not, those little 'hints' our body is trying to gift us, are overlooked and ignored because logically, we can't justify them. Here's what it might look like if you did:

1) You leave a place/situation because your gut told you too

I have read multiple accounts of these actions saving people's lives! Whether it was a doomed flight they didn't catch; an illness they missed out on; a storm that they missed out on; or an opportunity they might have otherwise missed - their intuition stepped in to tell them something better was waiting, elsewhere.

2) You trust your gut about a person that makes you feel un-easy

In my personal experience, I manged to escape a few very bad situations as a solo traveller in my youth by trusting these instincts and alerting others to potential danger I was in - and I was always RIGHT. On more than one occasion, if I hadn't have trusted those gut instincts (my intuition), I would have been raped, and I can't tell you how that would have changed my life based on my existing trauma.

3) You don't eat the food in front of you

You save yourself potential years of struggling through digestive complaints, gastro issues and parasites. You might have to pay for a meal, or perhaps at worst, make the cook feel upset; but if your instincts are really saying no - please trust them

Top Ten Intuitive Tips:

Don't have those kind of intuitive hits yet? Keep reading! Below, I'm going to share with you my top ten tips for enhancing your intuition so it becomes second nature. For some, intuition may present as a gut feeling. For others, intuition presents as thoughts, dreams, or strong emotions - so don't get too focused on how they might come up (take a look at my blog on the Clair Senses for more on this). Utilising your intuition means that you will largely be working with the third eye centre, Ajna chakra, so my first tip is naturally:

Tip 1: Sit with Ajna

Imagine a beautiful indigo or purple colour streaming into the third eye centre, just above and between the brows. Chant to yourself "I see" until you really feel like your mind is clear, and then ask, "What does my soul need to know today?". Spend the next 10-20 minutes allowing any images, words, colours or even sounds to appear here, and don't judge what comes in. The process of quietening your mind like this on a regular basis, allows you to tap into your subconscious mind. If you like, you can also ask that your conscious, logical mind please 'steps out' while you are in your meditative state.

Tip 2: Move

Practice yoga, dance, walk, run, join a gym; whatever it is that gets your body moving, is a great way for you to feel into how your body is feeling, what makes it feel good - and what doesn't. Utilising tools like yoga and Qi Gong are also really great for enhancing the energy/qi/chi/prana flow in your body, and you will finish up feeling more connected in your mind, body and soul. Yoga literally means 'union', so with this in mind, let us unite so we can tap into the light! At the end of the day, it's also nice to ask yourself when you are laying in bed "how does my body feel tonight?" and listen in for any aches, pains, muscle tension or soreness. The more you listen, the more likely you are to pick up on illnesses before they intensify too - this kind of intuition can really help with early detection of disease too.

Tip 3: Play In Nature

Many studies have proven that spending time in nature makes us calmer, healthier, clearer, reduces anxiety and so forth; but a lot of us still aren't making the time. When you manage to let go of technology for even just an hour to explore the beauty of the wilderness, you are allowing yourself to take a step closer to source energy/creation/god/goddess, and that means, that you are also allowing yourself to see things that you have spent time avoiding. Trust me. Nature is a super-charger-intuition-enhancer.

Tip 4: Reiki Attunements & Treatments

One of the greatest ways to enhance your natural intuition, is to have your first round of attunements with Reiki Level One, as this process is actually designed to help you tap into your higher consciousness, allowing you to open up your third eye centre more, and receive intuition information as you learn to self-heal. For the record, my next level one is in January, and I'm taking advance bookings (I'm not great at subtlety, I blame that on the Dutch part of my heritage!).

Don't have a spare weekend? One on one distance and in person treatments can also be highly beneficial! Because energy healing helps you back into a state of homeostasis by shifting through states of consciousness, you will end the session with a much clearer mind - that mental fog your experiencing right now?



Coming at you strong!

Tip 5: Practise Following Your Instincts

One of the really simple things I like to do, is to create days of ease and flow. As in: nothing is planned in advance. I decide what I want to wear, eat and do based on how I feel, and what I think my body is trying to tell me. Sometimes I choose not to eat meat for a day, or a week because my body doesn't feel like it; other times I cave to a craving of steak. Sometimes I will wear the sparkleiest, loudest thing in my wardrobe and match my make-up; other times its a uniform of black with a side of clean skin. What is your intuition telling you to have for lunch today? Listen, and you might just learn what nutrients are missing from your life...

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” Bill Hicks

Tip 6: Techno-Detox

I wanted to try and make that sounds like a 90's kinda rave for those that can actually remember back that far. Remember when colours were bright, hair was crimped, bands were called bands, and you could buy 50 cent mixtures of lollies? Me too. I also remember growing up in an era where social media didn't exist, and if we wanted to talk to our friends we would either:

A) talk to them in person

B) phone them on the house phone

C) write them a letter

D) stalk them, and hope they were home when we got there.

Today though, we are bombarded with technology in every room of the house, so much so, that we get anxiety if we aren't in close contact with our phones from:

1) the time we wake up

2) while we are doing number 2's

3) when we travel or do cool things that we can't instantly share with a world of people that often don't really care about us, or otherwise, feel threatened by us.

So do what all us 'spiritual folk' do: take some time off the internet, away from technology and announce to the world that you're 'taking a break' for a spiritual reset. This allows your cortisol levels to creep back down, your logical mind to not have to work so hard, and gives you the ability to give yourself permission to rest - knowing full well that no-one is actually watching your every move.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” Bill Hicks

Tip 7: Get Creative!

I You would know this one already if you follow me on Instagram, but allowing yourself to get into creative projects helps you to step out of your logical, analytical, processing mind... and lands you into a position where you have to think outside the box. You don't just see problem = solution. You see FUN, and the ability to colour outside of the lines of confinement. Schedule time in your week to play with your creative curiosity - paint, draw, build, write, dance, just do something that you don't have to think too much about, because you're allowing your intuition to step in, and tell you what is next instead! Want to enhance the experience? Try 5-8 rounds of alternative nostril breathing to help balance the mind, and ground into Ajna Chakra (that's your third eye).

Tip 8: Release Trapped Emotions And Energies

I have a brand new system for releasing stuck, stagnant emotions energetically and when I combine it with my other energy healing modalities - it has been making the world of difference for people stand in their own authority! This is super helpful for those going through break-ups, having fears about the future, confidence issues, finding purpose, physical health symptoms that have suddenly risen and more. This process helps to clear any trapped emotions or imbalances that prevent you from being able to fully access your intuition. Trapped or stagnant energy can interfere with your ability to quiet your mind and hear your inner voice, so if you want to develop your 'downloads'; you've got to make way for them first.

Tip 9: Cut Out Coffee

I've experimented with this numerous times over the years, and have found that anytime I mange to cut out coffee and other highly stimulating caffeine (e.g. pre-workout, energy drinks, soda etc.); my mind is vastly more rested and open to receiving. From my experience, I have found that the clients I treat without having had coffee first, are a lot more insightful, and provide more intuitive hits that I can then pass on to them. Coffee also tends to make highly sensitive people an empaths a little more anxious or on edge; plus it will make you stay awake at night if you have it after 12pm; can become addictive; can dehydrate you; give you brain fog and make you feel less connected to your spiritual practices. Plus, there are heaps of other alternatives right now - the choice is yours! (NB - I go for naturally caffeine free Dandy tea, Chai or Matcha).

Tip 10: Share Your 'Hits'

Scary right? When I started doing this kind of work, I was so worried that people would think I was crazy for sharing things that had just 'come to me', and I also didn't want to look like I was trying to be something I'm not. Reiki naturally enhances your intuition, so when I started down this path, it was a natural next step that things would show up for clients in session, and when I got enough courage up to speak up - I found out that what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing and knowing, was actually accurate. The more you share, the more feedback you'll get. The more feedback you get, the m'ore you'll start to trust yourself. Whether its oracle cards, tarot, reiki or even playing with a pendulum; start sharing with others what you are feeling (ask their permission first!); and ask for their honest feedback so you can learn and grow.

Liked this blog? Please feel free to share it with friends and family, or take notes to save for later.

Want to upgrade your intuition with me? I'm hosting my next Reiki Level One weekend training at the end of January and I would love to see there! View LINK HERE xx

🌟It's only THREE WEEKS until Christmas, and appointments are booking fast! Please jump online to book in your intuitively guided healing session now, and level up for 2023

Until my next blog,

I wish you a very Merry Festive Season, and a Happier New Year!

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

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