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Gift Voucher | 90 Minute Energy Healing Treatment
  • Gift Voucher | 90 Minute Energy Healing Treatment


    Give the gift of love and light... 


    Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of 'energy healing' where the practitioner places their hands on several parts of the body to dispel energetic blockages, release pain, trauma, stuck emotions, anxiety and more. However, Monique utilises many different healing energies in each session, to ensure each client gets exactly what they are needing for their highest and greatest good. 


    The perfect gift for those new to Energy Healing, this 90 minute treatment allows time to discuss the process, with plenty of time left to enjoy a full 60 minutes of healing assisting changes on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes.  We will have plenty of time to discuss expectations, answer questions, and prepare you for what is to come, before initiating the treatment, and chatting about your experience after to leave you feeling comfortable and at ease by the time you finish. 


    The treatment is performed on a massage table, fully clothed and laying on your back, with a gentle cover on your eyes to assist you this deeply restful healing treatment. 


    During the treatment, you may feel a flood of thoughts and emotions initially before becoming deeply relaxed, perhaps even falling asleep! Some people experience colourful images, a 'dream state', lights, feeling hot or cold, or perhaps just feeling at ease. Everyone is different, and every experience is unique as the reiki healing energy will flow to the specific parts of the body/mind/spirit it needs to heal most. 


    The great part of reiki, is that YOU are effectively doing the work at a subconscious level, allowing you to let go of negative emotions, physical ailments, traumatic experiences and blockages that are holding you back. 


    If you would like to discuss how reiki might work for you, or book in a treatment time, please reach out to me on 0406 713 018 (AUS) or at There are no 'stupid' questions, so just allow yourself to be open minded, trust your intuition and let it happen.  

    • Expiry & Usage

      Please note that this voucher expires 12 months from the purchase date, and cannot be returned, exhanged or refunded. To book a treatment, or for any questions or queries, please contact Monique on the available contact information found throughout this website. 

      This gift voucher must be shown at the time of booking and presented when attending the session. 

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