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Transform & Manifest Greatness | 120 min

Recalibrate the mind, body, and soul utilising bespoke healing techniques | Transformative

  • 2 hours
  • 255 Australian dollars
  • Worldwide | Online or Distance Session|Hampton, Victoria

Service Description

Let me help you gain clarity, confidence, and conviction to work towards your biggest goal of the year. Work through trapped emotions, relax deeply and let your creativity and intuition speak. This 2 hour session works with both the conscious and subconscious mind to help you clear your most deeply held thoughts, beliefs, associated feelings and experiences; and opens you up to allowing the future of your hearts innermost desire to transform as you start understanding the role of quantum healing, and continue doing the work outside of the healing studio. If you are truly ready to create change in your life, and believe it is possible – this is for you. This is for those of you who have a firm intention of what you want, and who you want to be. You must be willing to open your mind to new therapies, trust the process, be willing to push part fear that holds you in your current stories, and do the work outside of our time together. What To Expect: Arriving at the studio, we will work through a process of muscle testing energetic work to find out what emotions are currently holding you captive, clearing their trajectory with higher vibrational thoughts and feelings to replace them. This is where the conscious ‘rewrite’ beings. This is where we start to rewrite the stories in your head and replace them with what you really want to draw in, to attract, to become. This is where you start pushing through fears of the unknown and allow yourself to connect to your hearts innermost desire; trusting that you deserve more, that you can have more, that you can be more. Following this, you will then be treated to a 75 minute energy healing session where you can submerse yourself into a deep state of relaxation through guided meditation and energy clearing, releasing karmic contracts, and limiting self-beliefs at a cellular, subconscious level in order to create a new genetic imprint by working with the power of intentional healing at its greatest. Who Is This For: Anyone who is working through major life changes; has experienced trauma/PTSD; people experiencing chronic health issues; or really wants to manifest a goal into existence and needs a little help to work through blockages that they can’t seem to uncover on their own. I recommend this session once per month, taking on the advice that comes through as I receive ‘downloads’ (channelling messages for your highest and greatest good) which will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your session.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before allocated time for a full refund. Outside of this time, it is assumed that a full non-refundable payment be made due to limited availability of appointments, and I appreciate your understanding on this as a small business owner. In this instance, I am happy to offer you a 20% discount on your next session as a commitment to your healing journey.

Contact Details

  • Australia


  • Avelin Street, Hampton VIC, Australia


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