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Are you ready to journey with me to becoming your most authentically aligned self?

Is Energy Healing For You?

Energy healing is an alchemy of alternative healing treatments (such as Reiki) that work holistically, bringing back balance of the mind, body, and spirit while resetting the parasympathetic nervous system to encourage natural healing at a deep level. 

After just one session, most people:

- Feel relaxed, like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and anxiety is lessened.

- Have a calm, clear mind so they can process things easier.

- Feel happier, supported, and more confident about pressing situations.

- Sleep deeper, longer, and more easily.

- Can't wait to book their next session!


Through my experience, consistent sessions have helped people: 

Reduce anxiety in a daily manner; feel more 'in control'; work through relationship breakdowns; regain confidence; find clarity and purpose in life; take control of emotions; enjoy a healthier lifestyle and eating habits; reduce symptoms of PTSD including triggers; change thought processes to reframe; let go of limiting self-beliefs; recover from illness and disease (such as endometrosis, headaches, covid, chemo, and operations); create stronger 'boundaries'; feel calmer, more focused and creative.


When you work at the energetic layer, you can help influence the denser layers like the mind and physical body, so the healing benefits ripple throughout your entire system, also helping uncover blockages at the subconscious level. It feels like... Magic. 

Energy Healing
Work With Me

1. Start Here


If you are new to energy healing or haven't worked with me before, start with an initial consultation and reiki treatment to explore energy healing and feel its benefits.  


Initial Consult & Treatment

2. Commit To The Journey


My signature healing package 'Transform & Manifest' utilises a combination of energy healing techniques that helps you work through subconscious blocks, helping you arrive at a place of clarity with confidence. You'll find all of my other services and healing packages here too!


Transform & Manifest Greatness

3. Learn With Me

Learning Reiki is easy, yet mastering it can take years of study and experience. If you want to learn how to start healing yourself and those around you, join me for a weekend course in Reiki Level One (self-healing) or Reiki Level Two (healing others) and I will gently guide you to greatness. Want something new? Try a workshop!


4. Events

Each month, our 'Collective Consciousness' group  gets together for informal chats over chai at a local cafe, building a safe, supportive network of friends to attend spiritually empowering events or to share life experiences and gain advice. Want to grow? I also host monthly workshops on intuition and manifesting without any Reiki training required  - and they are loads of fun to explore! 

Image by Chang Duong

 Meet Monique  


They say that ​"life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all" (Helen Keller), and I tend to agree. Never one to play by the rules, I have bravely followed my heart through various career ventures, international moves, love interests, holistic therapies, and overseas adventures in order to find the one thing I that I had been searching for so desperately the entire time  - ME. 

The REAL me. 



Call it the 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey if you like (you can learn more about my journey here); but I regard my time spent deep in the realms of self-development and actualization the best time and money I could have ever spent. As a result, I am now living the wonderful life I've manifested, and very ready to invite you into that same magical realm of self-empowerment:  leading from the heart, inspiring from the soul, and encouraging from a place of loving empathy, deeply held space and ongoing support.

Utilising a combination of therapeutic energetic practices including reiki, intention healing, muscle testing, crystal therapy, and coaching, I will help you untangle the root causes for blockages in your life and limiting subconscious blocks. Over time, these methods help unblock stagnant energy and stuck points of view; rebalance emotions and reactions; reduce anxiety, physical symptoms and pain; release karmic contracts; discover your inner wisdom; reconnect with 'source energy', and help you uncover your soul's authentic purpose, rewardingly rested and alive with energy to chase your dreams.


Its a beautiful journey  - are you ready to come with me?

About Monique
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