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Incense | Essence Of India
  • Incense | Essence Of India


    Essence Of India Incense Gift Pack 


    • A beautiful array of various fragrances common to India consisting of Dragon Blood, Lemongrass, Red Fruits, Patchouli and Sandlewood 
    • The Essence of India - 5 in 1 combo incense is available in 5 fragrances as detailed below:

    • Kama - Kama is based on Dragon Blood fragrance. Dragon's Blood smells sweet and soft, slightly amber-like. It is extremely rich and does an excellent job by setting a calming mood.

    • Jiva - Jiva is based on Lemongrass fragrance. Lemongrass has a scent that is relaxing and soothing. It will lift your mood and brighten the overall feel of the environment you’re in.

    • Prana - Prana is based on Red Fruits fragrance. Red Fruit is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy fresh fruit’s fragrance. The fragrance is known to uplift moods and creates a calm peaceful environment.

    • Dhyana - Dhyana is based on Patchouli fragrance. Patchouli is famous for a dark, earthy aroma. Incense with exceptional magic of attraction.

    • Ananda - Ananda is based on Sandalwood fragrance. Its warm, smooth, and milky precious-woody fragrance. Sandalwood fragrance is magical uses in wishes, peace, and removing negativity.

    • 100grams



    • Burn one stick in an incense burner for lasting fragrance 
    SKU: 6312003
    • Disclaimer:

      Never leave burning resin or incense unattended. Always make sure you are using heat resistant burners in a safe manner. Burn incense with sufficient fresh air flow by opening up windows. Refrain from touching or holding once alight.

    • Ethics & Philosophy:

      NeoVeda is the modern day adaptation of Ayurveda (Ancient knowledge of life and well being) and is a natural way to rejuvenate and relax both body and mind. Neoveda products are designed to balance 3 Bio Energies known as Vata, Pitta & Kapha in Ayurveda. The unique combination of Essential Oils and Plants Extracts keep skin and hair beautifully healthy and keeps mind relaxed.

      Products are made from nature's origin, but will sometimes contain non-harmful synthetic ingredients in order to create more nourishing lotions and potions, smoother textures and sensory experiences.  

      NeoVeda is certified from PETA for all products without cruelty on animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world. We are also vegetarian and vegan friendly (please read ingredients). 


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