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Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki Training is a valuable tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth. It can be utilised as a daily practise for 'self-healing' working through layers of subconscious blocks, to reveal your highest and greatest self; as part of your meditation practise; to manifest goals; and to heal through physical or emotional trauma at a deep level. During the course of your training and integration period (21 days), you will notice subtle shifts such as digestive changes, an uplifted mood, better sleep and strong pulls to leaning out your life. This could mean that you change your social circles, reflect on relationships, contemplate career/work changes, and generally start to align with a life that feels healthier and more wholesome. It can be quite confronting, so each of my training courses will be held in my private home and healing studio where you can feel safe, secure, and supported; much like a mini-retreat for your soul!


Ready to take greater responsibility for your own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health? Start below!


Reiki Level One

Small Group Reiki Level One Training | Two Days | Investment $555

Reiki level one training is perfect for those of you wishing to start on a self-healing or spiritual journey as it helps enhance intentional healing by utilising universal energy healing techniques as channelled from Dr. Usui Mikao in the early 1920's. This two day course will be from 10:00am - approx. 4:00pm depending on group size (max. 4 people). For more information on the course outline, click the 'more information' button above for a PDF download. Ready to commit? Pay your deposit below $255 to secure your spot!

Next Dates: October 28th & 29th | 10:00am  - 4:00pm (depending on numbers)  


Reiki Level Two

Small Group Reiki Level Two Training | Two Days | Investment $888

Reiki Level Two training is for those whom have already achieved Level One, and completed at least 21 days of 'self-healing' in order to gain certification as a Reiki Practitioner. This fun-filled two day course + 90 minute private mentoring session will be from 10:00am - approx. 4:00pm depending on group size (max. 4 people). For more information on the course outline, click the 'more information' button above for a PDF download.

Ready to commit? Pay your deposit below $444 to secure your spot!

Next Dates: September 30th & October 1st (plus 1x 90 minute session TBA) | 10:00am  - 4:00pm 


Initial Consult & Treatment


Reiki Practitioner Mentoring

Reiki Private Mentoring | $220 Per Session | $800 Upfront For All 4x Sessions

This one is for you! Having spent time with many Reiki Masters, Researching, and through professional experiences, I've gained a wealth of knowledge on how to create more meaningful sessions for your clients  - without the burnout, fatigue or fear. This is a great way to develop your confidence as a, advanced  healer, test your skills, enhance your intuition and learn a whole lot of new tips and tricks to uplevel your healing ability in a safely held space. 

Next Dates: Please allow at least 48 hours notice in order to prepare your personalised materials


Reiki Share Circle

Reiki Share Circle | 2.5 Hours | Investment $25 

Are you attuned to Reiki Level 1 or 2? Reiki circles are a beautiful practise where people of all levels of attunement, from any lineage, are invited to share the gift of universal healing energy in a group setting. Each person in attendance will have the opportunity to give and receive a healing treatment from multiple people at once after a love filled meditation, which makes this a great dynamic to help speed up manifestation, physical healing, emotional rebalancing and elevating you to that next level of spiritual development. It's also a great way to practise your own healing abilities and receive feedback to help nurture your gifts! Maximum 8 participants. 

Next Date: Saturday June 24th | 3:30pm - 6:00pm (alternate date is Saturday 8th July 9:00am - 11:30)


Enhance Your Intuition

Enhance Your Intuition | 3 Hours | Investment $85 

Invest in your psychic development by attending this 3 hour guided workshop where you will learn to understand and enhance your strongest psychic sense! This is a great opportunity to test out your intuition while gaining guidance and feedback to fuel your journey. Expect to feel relaxed, supported, and encouraged to share your unique gift in this safely held space charged with Reiki energy and utilising an array of spiritual tools and methods. Please bring a pendulum or purchase one on the day for $20.00 (please let me know in advance so I have enough). Maximum 8 participants. 

Next Dates: Saturday 11th November, 2:00pm  - 5:00pm

Reiki Level One
Reiki Level Two
Reiki Pratitioner Mentoring
Private Taining Reiki Level One
Reiki Share Circle
Enhance Your Intuition

Private Reiki Training  

Reiki Level One Training | Private Training | Investment $888 p/p

Reiki Level Two Training | Private Training | Investment $1111 p/p

Interested in a bespoke experience to suit your personal schedule and energy levels?

Perhaps you have a private small group who want to connect in a soulful way with a bespoke training at a reduced cost?


Private Reiki Training is designed to work around you over a period of 2-4 days (approx. 10 contact hours for level 1, and 12 for level two), as and when you like, allowing you to design a tailored journey based on your availability. This one-on-one adventure will include all content as above, your workbook, a special gift from me, and loads of time and space to ask questions! This is great for those of you who really want to use Reiki as the journey of change, as well as empaths, introverts, trauma survivors, or those on a purposeful spiritual journey that want to go deeper in their own time and energy.  

 For more information or to book your Private Group Training, please email me at or call 0406713018 to schedule a time to talk.

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