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Healers Starter Kit | Cleanse, Ground & Protect
  • Healers Starter Kit | Cleanse, Ground & Protect


    If you are new to your healing journey, or want to start, this carefully curated little package is for you.

    Full of the things that you need for cleansing your sacred space, grounding yourself after a hectic day or treatment, and protecting yourself from negative effects and psychic attack.

    This kit includes:

    1) A promise bracelet to weave with your intention, reminding you daily of the commitment you're making to your journey.

    2) 2x Mini incense packs aligning to higher truths of yogic philosophy.

    3) white sage smudge stick to help you cleanse and clear your space of negativity.

    4) 2x Palo Santo sticks to preform a smoke cleanse ritual on yourself or clients before/after treatments or meditation.

    5) Mini selenite wand to hold within the palms of your hand as you preform Gassho/Anjali Mudra meditation, connecting with your higher self while releasing any negative energy.

    6) Reiki infused essential oil, carefully balanced with Pathcouli for protection, and blended with my favourite scents to promote strength, courage and perseverance.

    7) Mini prayer flags to hang in your healing space, carrying the intention of peace, compassion, strength and inner wisdom.

    Bracelet colours vary, and will be intutively picked based on the energy aligned with your order.

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