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Usui Reiki 

Reiki is traditionally a Japanese healing art that uses universal energy through the practitioner as a catalyst, sending it to the points (chakras) of the patient as needed to reinvigorate 'chi' (prana, ki, life force energy, shakti). It dates back thousands of years ago, though was rediscovered in Japan in the 1920’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, and has been passed on by 'attunement' all over the world. 

The technique is based on the concept that everything in the universe is made up of energy and this ‘life force energy’ that flows around us is drawn in by the body, nourishing the cells, organs and glands. This hands-on healing technique is a form of energy medicine based on scientifically measurable energy fields emitted from the healers hands (source: Generally, there are 14 'touch points' on the body, but reiki will naturally flow to where it is needed most. 

As a ‘mind-body-spirit’ technique, reiki works on the patient across the various plains (physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body) and can help decrease stress, anxiety, diminish pain (physical and mental), reduce muscle tension and pain, create a greater sense of health and wellbeing (physical and mental), strengthen the immune system, and accelerate healing. At bare minimum, it helps the receiver induce a relaxation response as opposed to the state of ‘fight or flight’ reducing weight on the adrenal glands. The patient does not need to believe in the process, but only needs to be receptive to experience the benefits either in person, or from a distance - remember EVERYTHING is energy, and therefore, it can travel at the speed of light.

During the 45-60 minute session, the patient may feel gentle tingling from the practitioners hands; warmth, coolness or just deep relaxation. Post session, the patient is likely to feel calmer, more comfortable, more empowered, and more in control – especially though times of great stress. For those in the final stages of life, it can also help with a more peaceful ‘transition’.

Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Monique Elouise Reiki Master Melbourne Global
Reiki 101
Seichim 101
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Monique Elouise Psychic Reiki and Energy healing master

 Egyptian Sekhem a.k.a. Seichim  

Sekhem (Seichim) is known as 'Living Light Energy' and arrives to us from North East Africa. It is believed that it firstly appeared in Ancient Egypt, practiced by the priesthood where this magical force derived from the star system, Sirius (the brightest star) and like reiki, it was passed on person to person via attunements. It was re-founded by Patrick Zeigler in 1980 after spending a night in the King's Sarcophagus Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza; thus linked also to the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet. Sekhmet is the Egyptians Goddess depicted by a lions head on a women's body, and represents the sacred rage that keeps us protected, while reminding the world of the pure strength of female power. 

While it looks and initially feels the same as Reiki, Sekhem is said to be much stronger and more focused on empowerment of the heart chakra (Anahata). This helps promote unconditional love, which can be useful in stimulating personal development; finding balance and harmony; emotional release; ridding the soul of negativity; reigniting the inner fire; and encouraging a deeper feeling of self-love, gratitude, compassion and divine purpose. As you may notice, it works on more of an emotional and spiritual level; while Reiki enhances and relieves more within the physical and mental bodies. When both are used together in session, there is a beautiful balance of restoration, relaxation and regeneration at every level. 

In sessions, it can be used to stimulate energetic shifts; such as breaking old habits, beliefs, negativity, self-belief, personal power and empowerment; as well as encouraging and inviting more loving relationships. Because it is associated with the totem of the lion (Sekhmet), Seichim also encourages you to speak your truth (throat chakra activation), enabling you to live into your true power in the most authentic way. It gives us the ability to step into our vulnerability with gentle ferocity; show the world who we are; what we are made of; and gives us the courage to share our true gifts, talents and love with the world.

What Can Reiki and Sekhem Help With?

Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements

Reiki and Sekhem work together masterfully on all four 'bodies', and each treatment is likely to aid you in a different way. Most people will find the first treatment offers an overwhelming sense of relief and inner peace, but to maximise the effect, it is best to have three 1 hour sessions within three weeks, and then top up once per month. 

From my own experience as a healer, Reiki and Sekhem have helped people with: 

 - Stress and anxiety relief 

- Manifesting & law of attraction

- Reduction in depressive symptoms

- Inducing deep sleep and aiding with insomnia 

- PMS symptoms (cramps, mood, energy) 

- Connecting with their spirituality or 'higher self'

- Endometriosis 

- Arthritis pain and associated movement 

- Tinnitus 

- Enhancing intuition and clairvoyance senses

- Increasing the energy balance

- Aiding with grief, forgiveness and personal loss 

- Personal and interpersonal growth 

- Preparing the body for pregnancy 

- Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love 

- Overcoming personal and professional obstacles 

- Opening up to the possibility of love and happiness 

- Healing past trauma and enabling people to overcome it 

- Bringing a sense of 'lightness' into your life

- Deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation 

- Clarity of the mind 

- Improved overall health and wellbeing

- Greater emotional balance

- Connection to authenticity and divine purpose

- Enhancing creativity and overcoming blockages 

- Chakra balancing 

- Speeding up physical healing (including post surgery)

- Increasing vibration, balancing chakra's and 'grounding'

- Helping you move forward and step into your light

- Healing mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually (distance/in-person)

There is such a wide range that energy healing can help with, so much so, that no question asked is ever 'stupid' when it comes to the modality. If you are ever unsure, please feel free to reach our with the issue you are dealing with, and we can have a confidential, friendly chat about how I can help.

Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Anahata Reiki & Wellness Design Elements
Monique Elouise Reiki Master showing attunement and seated energy healing session practise
What Can Reiki Help With?

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Reiki & Sekhem energy healing work?

Energy healing works by channeling universal energy from the practitioners hands to the client for their highest and greatest good. This means that each session will feel different as the energy can shift between working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes - wherever needs the most 'balance'. Before a session, you can tell me if there is a certain area of 'life' you want to work on, and with that in mind, it's often when you get the biggest release and ability to overcome your troubles. You are doing the work at a subconscious level, so it's always interesting to uncover what comes up, and how it shows itself to me in order to help you heal by directing energy to the right place, at the right time. 

What can I expect from a session?

Great question! A Reiki & Sekhem session will last about an hour and include time at the start and end for discussion. During the session, you will lay down on a massage table (fully clothed) with a light covering on your eyes so you can unplug, drift off and be at peace. Over this time, I will place my hands or hover above different touch points on the body to enable the healing power of reiki to work for your greatest need as mentioned above. Afterwards, you will feel more at peace, though sometimes it can stir up emotions or repressed memories; so allow time and space to let them come up, address them and finally them go.  

How long does the benefit last after the session?

Usually it will take you to a deep feeling of relaxation, during and directly after the session - but it will depend very much on your lifestyle, what you do afterwards, and how spiritually aligned you are. Ideally you should go straight home, drink lots of water, relax and journal so you can mindfully tune into the benefits you are receiving and let them be digested on a holistic level. For some people, it will last an afternoon; but the effects will keep flowing blissfully on a subtle level for days to come. You will feel more peaceful, focused, clear-headed, balanced and ready to take on the world!

Do I have to believe in Reiki or Sekhem for them to work?

Nope. I had my first reiki healing when I was 9 years old and didn't even know what it was! I still remember how it felt, and therefore love treating sceptics to this treatment for the same reason. For most, it will be like nothing they have experienced before and they will leave feeling very balanced and peaceful, knowing 'something happened', but may not be ready to believe it. It's a good idea to talk or write about your experience & monitor any changes in your emotions, mentality and physical being, as well as take note if you are suddenly drawn in deeper to your spirituality.  

Reiki FAQ's
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