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"I Am Worthy" | Guide To Mindful Journaling
  • "I Am Worthy" | Guide To Mindful Journaling


    Do you often tell yourself you're not enough? That you're not worthy of the life you really want? The love you want? The job or house you want? Have you been listening to your own stories for so many years that you're so dead-set on beliveing them you'll do anything to prove yourself right? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself where you get these ideas; where the proof is; the underlying emotions or how the hell you're ever going to move forward? 


    Mindful journaling could be the first stepping stone in your self-healing journey, and so I've carefully crafted this introductory guide based on my own personal experience with journaling that spans over almost 4 decades! 


    Over that time, I made journaling part of my life and found that when I utilised it as a dedicated practice, I could: 


    • Understand my emotions and work through them 
    • Get to the root of my own problems 
    • Have a 'friend' to share my day, experiences or issues with
    • See on paper the stories in my head I was holding, and flip the script 
    • Invite daily gratitude into my life 
    • Allow myself to get vulnerable 
    • Forgive myself and others 
    • Express as I needed to; without hurting others 
    • Let go of anger, fear, judgement, self-esteem issues and see my greatness 
    • Start healing the inner child 
    • Mentally and emotionally 'detox' my mind at the end of the day 
    • Sleep easier knowing I didn't have to 'worry'
    • Cultivate greater self-love and awareness 
    • Understand where I might need external help 
    • Set goals and keep myself accountable 
    • Be free from judgement
    • Use it as a powerful tool for self-reflection... 


    And the list goes on. Now, as I near my forties, I look back on these journals as the greatest gifts I've ever given myself because they've given me the power of insight into who I was, who I am, and who I still want to become. 


     I've packed this 31 page self-paced course FULL of ideas to start a mindful journaling practice and the best part is, that YOU can dictate exactly how you use it. Start at the beginning, flick through until you land on something that really resonates, or work up your courage to tackle the BIG issues that you know lie deep within you.


    Whichever way you do it; you are right. Your intuition will guide you, you'll feel it calling you saying "hey - this page is for you!" and even though it might be hard, you will tackle it with an open mind, and an intention to become the best version of you that you can. You know why? Because you my friend, are 1000% worthy of having the life you've always dreamed of; you just need to start moving out of your own way. 


    Now is the time to start moving forward, to start a journey of journaling that you won't regret; to become who you were always meant to be. 


    Love & light, 



    P.S. if you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to share them with me at - I'll always have time for you! 

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