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Initial Consult & Treatment | 90 mins

New Client? Let's get to know each other and rebalance your energy! Remote or in-person sessions.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 160 Australian dollars
  • Hampton, Victoria

Service Description

Energy healing is a safe, gentle, healing modality that helps you reconnect with your most authentic self, uncovering subconscious blocks and clearing your electromagnetic field or 'aura'. Throughout this 90 minute initial consultation, you will be able to ask questions; share what you are working through or towards; and receive any intuitive insights that arise from the healing session itself. Most commonly known as Reiki, energy healing can consist of various modalities (and frequencies) where universal healing rays are manifested through the practitioner's hands, allowing it to work for the highest and greatest good of the person in receipt through either directly placing hands directly on the body, hovering above, or via distance which often provides very powerful psychic insights if and when requested. Using a range of therapeutic techniques, I can help you shift stuck emotions, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fear and fatigue; relieve physical pain and speed up healing; rebalance the chakras, clear karmic debt, and release negative energy and entities that may become attached to the aura (electromagnetic field); and gently peel back the layers of trauma and its associated triggers in a safe space. In this hands on or distant healing approach, you will leave feeling lighter, more peaceful, and deeply aligned to your most authentic self. The initial consult with treatment allows me enough time to deeply connect with you, understanding what it is you want to achieve, shift, and step into. "Monique is incredible at what she does and I cannot recommend her enough! Not only is she SUCH a beautiful soul, but she has a true talent for healing and connecting on so many levels. I have been seeing Monique each week for the past 4 weeks for energy healing and her emotional energy reset sessions and the shift I have noticed emotionally has been incredible. I’m in such a different place now to what I was 4 weeks ago!" - Nadine M. If you would like to discuss how reiki might work for you, please reach out to me on 0406 713 018 (AUS) or at There are no 'stupid' questions, so just allow yourself to be open minded, trust your intuition and let it happen. Are you joining the journey on Instagram? @anahata_reiki_and_wellness - let us connect! All bookings received assume you have read and agreed to the booking policy, which is available through the booking process.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before allocated time for a full refund. Outside of this time, it is assumed that a full non-refundable payment be made due to limited availability of appointments, and I appreciate your understanding on this as a small business owner. In this instance, I am happy to offer you a 20% discount on your next session as a commitment to your healing journey. By ticking this box, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing prior to, during, and post session. Sessions can sometimes involve strong emotional, physical and cathartic release. By ticking this box, you understand that as the body is integrating these changes you may have experiences such as more energy, better sleep, clarity, relaxation, better mobility, calmness, and enhanced intuition as your mind, body, and spirit can become more balanced. There may also be the short term experience/s of feeling under the weather, soreness, some dizziness/light headedness, fatigue, and wavering emotions which will pass. Please ensure you contact the appropriate health care professional to seek help if required. All treatments, communication and suggestions from me, do not replace that of a medical professionals, and all 'psychic insights' shared should be interpreted with your own intuition and common sense as I make no claims to read or direct the future. When you tick this box, you are taking full responsibility for you health, the appropriateness of these sessions for you, and any unforeseen circumstances while involved in these sessions. You confirm that you have not, and will not take any drugs or alcohol within 48 hours of this session. You have freely decided to undergo this healing work and by participating in the session/s, you hereby give full consent to the treatment which can include energy healing, muscle testing, psychic work, kinesiology, emotional release, basic yogic movement and so forth, knowing that you are always in full control. This means that at any time you feel the slightest discomfort, you can share this with me, and together, we will navigate through a session that feels best for you. Sessions can be ceased at any time by either party if deemed necessary. Please also allow a gentle integration period after your session by drinking water, seeking rest, and journaling your thoughts to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. Love & light, Monique Elouise

Contact Details

  • Avelin Street, Hampton VIC, Australia

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