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Understanding the 4 Clair's of Clairvoyance

I've been wanting to write this post for some time. But, until now, it's not something I've really felt secure enough to share from a personal perspective due to my own resistance around accepting my unique 'gifts'.

As some of you will know, I got into Reiki as a last resort on a holistic health front to help heal my physical issues of Endometriosis; the physical result of trauma experienced as a small child, which had repeated itself through much of my life until I was forced to see, face, and heal the root causes - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My Reiki master worked with me on this for months, alongside initiating me into Reiki level 1 where the changes started to happen on a personal level; and Reiki level 2; where I saw the benefits and knew I needed to share them with the world! I've since gone on to learn Seichim (Egyptian, feminine aspect of energy healing), and received master and master teacher level status to fine tune my healing gifts.

When I started practicing on clients however and thanks to being an Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I noticed that I would get 'insights' into what was going on at a soul level for them, and as much as I tried to ignore them, I eventually came to a place where I knew I just had to share them. It came about with images, feelings, words and a sense of 'knowing' and has developed exponentially over time through gentle nurturing. What I didn't realise at the time though, was that these senses, were not just intuitive, they were my spiritual gifts that I had unknowingly been developing through journaling, empathy, yoga, meditation, love and light work for many years prior.

Looking back, it seems quite obvious, but at the time I started healing others, I didn't quite understand how my own gifts would evolve, and I NEVER considered that this was communication with the 'spirit world' - that was far too 'woo woo' for me! It's not that I had issues around inviting spirituality into my life on a personal level; I just never imagined I would utilise them on a professional one.

Today though, I want to write in order to normalize these spiritual gifts.

To help you recognize and nurture them within yourself.

To get over my own self-limiting beliefs in order to help you get over yours too.

I say this, because we are ALL able to tap into these talents, especially the fellow HSP's amongst you. The ability to develop these senses is just like developing our life skills in cooking, creating, workout out or our way up the career ladder. They are skills that we each have, often laying dormant because society has tried to keep us thinking small, inside the box, and not reaching the full potential of our beautiful brain power. You get me? Like energetic radio waves, spiritual information is constantly being broadcast all around us, so it's really just a matter of learning to tune into it, in your own special way.

So, with all that being said, lets take a look at the four Clair's of your deepest intuition and see which resonate with YOU:

1) Clairvoyance | Clear Seeing

The most commonly known of the Clair's is that image of a hippy old lady, waving her hands about over a crystal ball and telling you what she see's in your future right? Oh, ok, so that's just me then. The reason I have this association, is because 'vision's' are what most people associate with being psychic. That is, the ability to see the past, present or future in the form of visions. It's kinda like an movie that has been created from an eclectic director, and isn't straight forward for interpretation. There might be images of people, places, events, symbols, colours, scenery or animals that alone, can mean nothing. However, when you really hone in on the details, and do a little bit of research; you can uncover the spiritual meaning 'your guides' are trying to get across to you.

For me, visions might be scenes from nature that symbolise a need for grounding, getting back to basics; or finding the time to slow down and heal. It might be colours that represent the chakras, symbolising the work that needs to be done in a certain area of their life. It might be a sudden image of a dragon, a snake or a rabbit; all of which have significant meanings in the world of 'spirit animals'. The universe is always trying to conspire with us for our highest and greatest good, and sometimes when we miss seeing signs in our waking life as we go around in auto-pilot; we are forced to pay attention to them via our subconscious.

Developing Clairvoyance | Allow your mind to be more open, unrestricted and less controlled, and if it helps, start the process by meditating or focusing on a mantra such as "I allow my mind to see the unseeable"(yes, I know that's not a word). Find a calm, quiet space and focus on the black space behind your eyes and let any images come up without making judgement, without control, without trying to figure out what it means in that moment. If it does, write it down and research it - there is hidden meaning in almost anything. If it doesn't 'happen' for you, don't push it. These gifts will come over time, if and when you are really ready to use them for your souls purpose and service of others.

2) Clairaudience | Clear Hearing

Without sounding crazy, we are sometimes gifted deep insights by hearing 'voices in our head', sounds or even music. If this is your gift, you might be a naturally talented singer, musician, writer or public speaker as you will literally hear the words stream into your subconscious mind, and without a doubt, know that they are right. These voices are strong, bold and not to be confused with schizophrenia, though if you are worried, you should see a doctor with your concerns. When these 'voices' appear in our mind, it is often because you are channeling spirit/higher authority/universal energy/god - whatever you would like to call it - and it their way of sending you a message on a level that you can pick up on, aurally.

For me, it will be a calm, clear voice that will give me a little one liner to share with my client in session, something like "home is wherever you are", "you are supported" or "disconnect to reconnect". It could be a single word that leads the whole vibe of a session like "freedom" or "self-love". It could be a verse from a song, or sometimes, even an image of someone close to you that has passed over, sending a message to let you know they are there.

Developing Clairaudience | Again, find a place to let your mind be still. It may help to listen to some calming music, maybe light some incense or focus on the sounds you hear when submersed in nature. Listen to the stillness. Listen to the softness. Let go of limiting self-beliefs around what your mind can and can't do, and allow yourself to become more open to the gifts that are naturally within. One of the greatest ways I've learned to enhance this, is through the practice of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), which helps you to concentrate on the depth of sounds around you and within you in your subconscious; making it easier to allow these sounds be heard aloud in your conscious, waking life. Some people might find a direction pop into their mind when they are driving. Some people might get the answer to a question for a gameshow they otherwise wouldn't know. Some people might find that they hear someone randomly call their name, only to see no-one when they turn around - this happened to me a lot as a kid!. You'll also find that the more reiki sessions and other spiritual work you do, the more open to this sort of messaging you will become. Practice loving kindness, don't force it, and allow the subtleties of sound to sit within.

3) Clairsentience | Clear Feeling

This is the most common of all the Clair's and probably something you have experienced regularly - a gut feeling. In fact, most of us have grown up knowing that we can chose to listen to our minds reasoning, our hearts, or of course, our gut. That instinct that we all have is our empathetic, intuitive sense of what is really right/wrong for us and may show up in many different ways. It's also something we learn to use when we meet other people. We listen in closely to let their energy speak and work out if we want to trust them, to have them in our lives; or to run far, far away in the absolute opposite direction.

I will often use this sense when I meet people for the first time and welcome them into my home (I'll energetically black-list you if I don't want you to come back!), or work with them, or decide that I want them as a friend. In fact, when I travelled solo, I worked on developing this gift to become so sharp, that I would use it to feel out places I would stay and people I could trust. As a solo female backpacking, it's a sense you really want to tune into and I can't tell you how many times it has saved me from some super scary situations!

When it comes to Reiki healing sessions, I will get physical feelings like a soreness in my throat (throat chakra), a headache (overthinking, in your head too much), body ache (physical pain), heat/tingling in the solar plexus (lack of personal power, self-esteem etc.) or stomach gurgle (digestive issues) or I may just pick up on what's going on for you at a deeper level, that hasn't actually been spoken in words. Sometimes I will also experience pain in the lower abdomen (fertility issues) or heart (lacking self love, heart break etc.) - wherever you need healing the most. These are the kind of messages I always like to pass on at the end of session, or in the more detailed, Reiki with Insights where I will research and write it all up for you to reflect upon.

Developing Clairsentience | Feelings are fleeting, but if something feels a little 'off' for you (e.g. you feel angry, but you don't know why), it could be that you are picking up on feelings of the people around you (if that's the case, please also read my blog on being an HSP). If that is the case, you'll need to learn how to protect your energy and not be an emotional 'sponge' for a start, but you can also fine tune your 'feelings' to making everyday decisions by consciously asking yourself the question before you make it. Try asking yourself "what do I want to wear today?" and see what comes up. Try asking "what food would really nourish me today?" and see what arrives in your mind. Try asking "Am I really doing the job that's right for me?" or "Is he/she really right for me?" and brace yourself, because these ones might hold answers your really don't want to hear. When you start asking yourself questions like this, you are allowing your intuition to speak, and giving it the respect in order to truly listen. You might also start developing feelings about people, places, things or situations, and when you do - write them down so you can reflect on them later!

4) Claircognizance | Clear Knowing

This is my absolute fav of the Clair's because it's the hardest to explain to others and often unrecognized within yourself until you stumble upon an article about it - perhaps like you are doing now. Claircognizance is when you have an innate, unjustifiable knowledge about a person, place or event. It's knowledge that you sometimes know you shouldn't know. It's often things along the lines of trauma that has happened to someone; that something is not right in your sisters marriage; that someone is lying to you; that your friend is unable to move forward from lost love; that a client's going to change industries, get a promotion or move states; that their partner isn't right for them; or that their child needs reiki just as much as they do because they are struggling with things they know nothing about. It's conflicting, because often the information you receive from your 'knowing' are things that you can't share, and might land you in hot water. It's things that you feel you have to keep to yourself because it is deeply personal and potentially hard or harmful for others to hear - even though you just know that it is right, and they should hear it. But really, is that your decision to make?

It's not always like that though.

Sometimes It's a knowing that something is going to happen that just pops into your mind from outta nowhere. That you're absolutely in the wrong industry, but are too afraid to change. It's the knowledge that lockdown 6.0 was ALWAYS going to be pretty much up until Christmas. It's that moment you meet someone and instantly know that they are 'the one'. Or perhaps even that time you just knew you should dare to push boundaries and invite people into your home to help heal their lives.

You just know. It's inside of you, and it's knowledge you can't ignore, nor explain.

Developing Claircognizance | Chances are, that just after reading this, you already know that this is one of your gifts (see what I did there?). It's something inside you, that has pulled you to a profession where you can make an impact such as being a doctor, a scientist, spiritual leader or powerful sales person. People in these industries often meet people or situations knowing the answers that they need to in order to achieve what they need to. That could be the answer to a scientific problem; the way to connect with someone and therefore close a sale; the exact diagnosis of someone without even hearing their full list of symptoms (I have a very cool friend that does this!); or perhaps just understanding the underlying problems hidden in someone's subconscious that need to be brought to their attention so they can move forward, onward and upward. The good part is that if this is one of your natural gifts, it can be quite easy to start working with. Simply ask your 'higher self' for the answer to a question, and wait for the answer to land within. Or, if you want to try it with others, take someone's hand, and use your empathy to feel into what they are feeling and ask them if you are right. It comes with practice, but you have to back yourself too.

There are also two lesser known Clair's which I'll do a shallow dive into to keep this flowing swiftly.

4) Clairalience | Clear Smelling

Being able to smell something that is not actually physically present in the physical realm of our everyday lives. Kinda not that helpful, but can help with past life regressions or inner child work as it will quickly remind us of a place in time.

4) Clairgustance | Clear Tasting

Again, not that helpful in the greater scheme or life, but this sense is about being able to taste something that is not actually, physically, present. It might help if there are digestive issues at hand (e.g. when you get food poisoning and instantly know it was the three week old smoked salmon that was left open in your fridge that you gnawed on the night before because you were starving) or a sudden craving for a food (which is most likely linked to a nutritional deficiency that the food in mind can help heal).

So there it is. Fortunately, some of you already knew I was going to write this . Others may have had a feeling that they just had to read it. Some saw it coming. And the others? Perhaps you had a craving for the chai I devoured while writing this; smelt the incense I was burning throughout; or received a little message in your ear saying read this. Whatever sense landed you here, trust it. Know that this is one of your gifts, your superpowers, your talents; and learn to both challenge it in order to becoming stronger, and own as though it's part of who you've always been.

Loved what you read? Don't forget to share it with friends or family that may appreciate these insights too.

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

🌟🌟P.s. In person Reiki sessions will be open from Monday November 8th - December 23rd - book in early to avoid missing out!🌟🌟

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