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- Reiki Practitioner Mentoring -

Usui Reiki Mentoring & Seichim Mastery

$220 per session or $800 for 4 sessions (includes workbook & gift)

Already attuned to Reiki 1 or 2?

This one is for you! Having spent time with many Reiki Masters, Researching, and through professional experiences, I've gained a wealth of knowledge on how to create more meaningful sessions for your clients  - without the burnout, fatigue or fear. This is a great way to develop your confidence as a, advanced  healer, test your skills, enhance your intuition and learn a whole lot of new tips and tricks to uplevel your healing ability in a safely held space. 

Learn how to: 

  • Utilise Oracle Cards in session

  • Boyson and pendulum energy scanning

  • Cleanse, ground, and protect your energy

  • Enhanced chakra and subtle energy knowledge 

  • Safely disconnect energetically from your clients

  • Chord cutting techniques 

  • Clear karmic debt

  • Learn about the connection between physical, mental and emotional body

  • Enhance your psychic ability and natural talents

  • Inner child work & past healing techniques

  • Gain confidence as a certified, experienced practitioner

  • Utilise the energy of Egyptian Seichim/Sekhem in a ceremonial attunement & certification


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