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To aid you in your healing journey, I sometimes suggest a 'resource' from below that has its own set of instructions and intentions utilising the power of energy healing within you. As this is a lifetime of work, I offer these for personal use only, as all resources have been researched, tried, and tested by myself, and learned often from masters around the world. I appreciate your honesty and integrity when utilising these resources, and would love to hear how they have helped!

Image by Devin H

Hex & Psychic Attack Removal

Hex & Psychic Attack Removal 

Feel like someone is sending you negative vibes? Maybe someone is jealous of you, or sending you sabotaging thoughts, even influencing your health and wellbeing. Whilst empaths and HSP's are the most sensitive to 'psychic attacks', we can sometimes pick up energy or entities that are also not intended for us, like spirit's that are attached to certain places or even people. Want to clear the air? Download this incantation with a clear intention of a positive outcome. Replace with fear with fierce belief that things will change for the better, and you will notice a significate change in just 10 days! Start under a full moon to enhance this healing capability, and use a black candle to help release, banish and break a hex. Black crystals are also handy to keep around for grounding and protection when doing energy work. 

Image by Paige Cody

Quantum DNA Healing & Manifestation

Quantum DNA Healing | Mining The Akash Script 

Quantum healing although not new, is a powerful way to heal through energy and intention, and can be made into a daily practise for whole body healing. It utilises the power of universal energy healing, applied to your own quantum field (Akashic records), and whilst it is simple, it can be a challnge to maintain as doubt can easily creep in. This type of healing a great addition to Reiki, Chiro, Osteo, Naturopathy and Nutrition as it helps to solidify the process at a conscious and subconscious level. Try using this meditation to help you arrive in the Alpha state after reciting the script!

Image by Hal Gatewood

Cellular Communication for Physical Healing

Cellular Communication For Physical Healing

 When you have nothing left to lose, you have nothing to risk  - so please fight the urge to judge this healing remedy without giving it time and space to work its magick first! The book that this was taken from was written by a woman who was suffering from a number of herniated discs, a noncancerous tumour requiring radiation, chronic back pain (undiagnosable), inoperable cancerous tumour of the jaw and toxic overload  - all of which she managed to heal through the application of Quantum Healing, utilising this very script. Personally, I've also used this method alongside other holistic treatments to heal chronic hip pain (operable), a herniated disc, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia symptoms, inflammation, anxiety, and chronic headaches.   

Try using this meditation to help you arrive in the Alpha state before reciting the script to help your logical mind 'step out' and your 'higher self', step in. 


Creating Boundaries

Creating Energetic Boundaries | Releasing Contracts Of Obligation Download 

Boundaries are something we often struggle with especially at work and with our families. When we don't create healthy boundaries though, we can often deplete our own energy causing us to become sick, imbalanced, or burnt out. Remember how air hostesses will always remind you to fix your oxygen mask before tending to others? You're no good to anyone if you can first breathe on your own. Empaths especially need this download as they release soul contracts of the past, to create a stronger version of themselves in the future. Try it with a chord cutting meditation to enhance its energy. 

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