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Workshops & Events

Reiki is a beautiful gateway to connecting with different bandwidths of universal energy healing, and as you progress, you may find that your intuition and psychic senses are invited to become more open too. To support your journey of spiritual and professional growth, I offer a number of aligned workshops and community based events so you can connect with other like-minded people, grow your gifts in a calm, supportive environment, and propel your alignment with your souls destiny. Keep a look out on the 'Events Calendar' or join me on Instagram and never miss a meet-up! 


Enhance Your Intuition

Enhance Your Intuition | 3 Hours | Investment $85 

Invest in your psychic development by attending this 3 hour guided workshop where you will learn to understand and enhance your strongest psychic sense! This is a great opportunity to test out your intuition while gaining guidance and feedback to fuel your journey. Expect to feel relaxed, supported, and encouraged to share your unique gift in this safely held space charged with Reiki energy and utilising an array of spiritual tools and methods. Please bring a pendulum or purchase one on the day for $20.00 (please let me know in advance so I have enough). Maximum 8 participants. 

Next Dates: Saturday 3rd February, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Manifesting 101

Manifesting 101 | 3 Hours | Investment $111

Ready to learn the true principals of manifesting with me? Manifesting has been a buzz word for years, and despite there being numerous books and documentaries on the topic, they all seem to miss one of the uncomfortable early steps that I'm here to teach. During this three hour workshop, you can expect deep meditation, breathwork, an energetic activation, and pushing beyond your boundaries of comfort as you reach for new levels of what is possible for you, and start releasing uncomfortable 'blocks' that are holding you back. You'll walk away from this session with clarity and conviction on what you really want, and have plenty of 'homework' to challenge your limiting self beliefs in order to go ahead and land in that quantum leap of a reality you truly desire. Limited to 8 people per session. 

 Join me for this 3 hour intensive, and walk away with new found freedom to move forward with manifesting! 

Next Date: Saturday 16th March, 10:00am  - 1:00pm


Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness Community Meetups | First Sunday Of The Month

Spiritual growth can be a lonely journey, and often, it leaves us feeling abandoned by society norms, feeling like a round peg in a square hole. Because it takes great courage to change, and become the person you authentically feel aligned to being, I've created a supportive little hub of like-minded people that get together once a month for informal chats over chai at a local Hampton based cafe. Together, we often attend spiritual events or expereinces, catch up for yoga, and share events that we each may be offering with zero pressure to attend

Meetups are arranged via the Whatsapp Group; please message me on +61406713018 to join us! 

Manifesting 101
Enhance Your Intuition

Private Reiki Training & Mentoring

Reiki Level One Training | Private Training | Investment $888 p/p

Reiki Level Two Training | Private Training | Investment $1111 p/p

Private Reiki Mentoring Sessions | Investement $220 per 90 Minutes session

Interested in a bespoke experience to suit your personal schedule and energy levels?

Perhaps you have a private small group who want to connect in a soulful way with a bespoke training at a reduced cost?


Private Reiki Training is designed to work around you over a period of 2-4 days (approx. 10 contact hours for level 1, and 12 for level two), as and when you like, allowing you to design a tailored journey based on your availability. This one-on-one adventure will include all content as above, your workbook, a special gift from me, and loads of time and space to ask questions! This is great for those of you who really want to use Reiki as the journey of change, as well as empaths, introverts, trauma survivors, or those on a purposeful spiritual journey that want to go deeper in their own time and energy.  

 For more information or to book your Private Group Training, please email me at or call 0406713018 to schedule a time to talk.

Join Me On Instagram To See If We Vibe! @anahata_reiki_and_wellness

Collective Consciousness
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