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Energy Medicine | 4 Essential Ingredients For Manifesting

Updated: Jul 7

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality where the practitioner is 'attuned' (like a radio being tuned into a the frequency of a radio station) to a specific wavelength of energy (Reiki), giving them the ability to then 'channel' this energy frequency into another person in order to commence a gentle, yet powerful form of natural healing working at the levels of the energetic body/aura/electromagnetic field; mind/mental body; emotions/emotional body; and lastly, at the physical body. In the Usui Reiki tradition, this attunement of universal healing energy is gifted through ceremony from master to student, often while soon-to-be-practitioners are seated in a circle or line, waiting for their initiation which expands their psychic senses and begins to open what is called the 'Shashumna Nadi' in (a central channel that runs up the spine) or 'Hara line' (which connects the seven main chakras) depending on the school of thought. While the modality itself was rediscovered and made popular through the lineage that follows the life of Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1920's, this ability to heal by cultivating energy through the hands is much more ancient, and perhaps more available than we are led to believe.

If you are not familiar already, there have been many similar modalities of healing with energy through the hands, such as the Egyptian energy healing modality discovered by Patrick Zeiglar in the 1970's (who founded Sekhem, now known as SKM Love); as well Holy Fire Reiki, Pallowan, Ashati, Alsemia, Chakra Reiki, Light Language, Crystal Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Pranic healing, Psychic surgery and loads more. While I believe there are subtle differences between the energy healing systems themselves and the felt healing sensations, I understand that from countless hours, money, research, and experimentation, that they all hold four strong foundations for creating change as below:

  1. Intention

  2. Love, Gratitude, and Devotion

  3. Imagination

  4. Trust & Patience

Today, I want to draw your attention to these four pillars, and how they can enhance your self-healing practises, aligning you with your own unique psychic gifts and authentic nature.

  • Align your intention and imagination,, call in what you want from a place of love, and be patient while trusting the process. Energy & intention is everything!

1. Intention is EVERYTHING.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, intention has the following two meanings:

  • A thing that you plan to do; an aim, decision, goal. e.g. "she was full of good intentions"

  • In regards to Medicine however, it is 'the healing process of a wound'.

The second gave me tingles (this is always my sign of alignment and things being intuitively correct for me), as It's something I've never read in this associated way!

Intention when it comes to energy medicine, is about your goal - being super clear on what you want to do with the power of your aligned energy medicine and spiritual gifts (e.g. help people heal through and release all triggers around their trauma; release physical pain; reach their intended goal with ease and grace; balance their chakras etc.); who you want to do it for (yourself, a client, friend, family member that has given you permission to work on them); why you want to do it (e.g. for your/their highest and greatest good, in the name of divine love and light); and when and where you want the healing to take place (working in the now, or through time and space with distance healing).

Intentions can also be utilised for yourself in this way, so long as you are thinking about what you want to achieve from a heartfelt place; you're not involving another person (unwillingly e.g. intending that someone will fall in love with you); and not from a sense of ego (e.g. wanting to be a millionaire because you can buy all the pretty things that you don't really need, which ultimately will not solve the deeper, underlaying issue that is your core, unfiltered, and authentic desire).

If you want to manifest being a Millionaire for example, think about why that is important to you, and what that money will afford you (e.g. a house to bring safety and security; holidays to bring peace, relaxation and freedom)). If you want to loose weight for example, think about why that is important to you (e.g. to feel better in my clothes or more attractive to self/partner, to be healthier/fitter). You see? the BIG egoic intention, is often a surface level desire to achieve something at the mental or emotional level. All desires therefore, can come down to how you actually want to feel in your daily life. So when you are manifesting your dreams, you need to start with the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that sit within your heart, so you can understand what your soul's wisdom is actually trying to call in.

There are more ways to get what you want than you can humanly think, so get clear on your intentions for healing others and yourself, and you will align things to you faster!

  • The clearer you can get on your intentions, the more aligned you can become with them.

If we take a moment to lean into traditional Usui Reiki, there are five principals or precepts that Dr. Mikao insisted on passing onto his clients, so they could continue to change their lives well after their healing session had finished through Intention. Although there are many different versions, this is the translation that aligns best with his ideals:

"The secret art of inviting happiness, 

The miraculous medicine of all diseases. 

Just for today, do not be angry. 

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude. 

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people. 

Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. 

Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth" 

These words are best to be repeated 3x daily in the morning and night, with hands in Gassho (prayer position), prior to self healing (if that's within your practise), and ending by placing your hands over your heart centre (centre of the chest). To really understand them deeper, I suggest on working with one of them per day/week, to really understand how each can impact and therefore change your life. Each precept/principal is designed to help release your mind of egoic negativity, helping you come back to your most authentic self, and return to your heart space, the most important energy centre for staying try to yourself and your divine path as I will talk to in 'Love, Gratitude and Devotion' section.

  • Call in all you truly want, with authentic gratitude for all you already have!

2. Love, Gratitude & Devotion

From every energy medicine process and practise I've learned explored, it's been highlighted that in order to evolve on your spiritual path and really get what you want, you need to have a central focus radiating your heart. This means that you have to:

  • Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

  • Forgive yourself and others for things that have happened in the past.

  • Allow yourself to be open to loving others, truly and unconditionally.

  • Work on your past wounding and trauma to find freedom and space.

  • Level up your posture, and let go of what you are 'guarding'.

  • Be grateful for everything you are, and everything you have NOW.

  • Devote yourself, to yourself. The way that you will evolve through life to become the greatest version of yourself (often aligned with a spiritual path)

  • Come back to the underlaying thoughts, feelings and emotions connected to what you want in your life, not the materialistic things you can physically manifest.

I believe that the heart chakra is centrally located within our being (based on the seven chakra philosophy) because you feel most at home in yourself when you create balance and centre your intention here.

For a quick reference, I've included a chart below that gives you a brief understanding of the chakras and their mental, emotional and physical associations when they are blocked, stagnant, or out of balance:

  • Blocked chakra's can show physical, mental and emotional imbalances, giving you an idea of what needs your attention most to heal or grow through right now.

As you can see, the heart chakra (green triangle in the image above) marks the space between your lower 3 chakras that are associated with the physical/material/3rd dimensional world, and the upper 3 chakras that are associated with the spiritual/divine/5th dimensional world.

When you utilise your energy and intentions to arrive back at this space, the heart chakra, you are the most balanced and authentic version of yourself, meaning:

  • You aren't too in your head, thinking logically about all that needs to be done.

  • You release yourself from tunnel vision and the fear mindset of over-achieving.

  • You learn to let go of what others may think, feel or know about you (which releases external control)

  • You encompass truth and trust in yourself and divine path.

  • You are grateful for everything you currently have in life, instead of focusing on lack.

  • You release unhealthy attachment to others (and them to you).

  • You can let go of low vibrational fears and feelings of guilt, lack, grief and jealousy.

  • You can focus on what you really want out of life at a mind, body and soul balanced level.

In order to bring your balance back to the heart, it's important to really read into what I mentioned above, and keep your vibrational thoughts and feelings high by starting a gratitude practise on a daily basis. You can easily add this to the Reiki Principals if you feel called to, or make it a family event by sharing three things you are most grateful for at breakfast and dinner. When you do this on a regular basis, you start devoting your energy and intentions toward feelings of 'love and above', and your focus becomes largely based around the GREAT things that you want more of instead of the things that you secretly wish you had. In short, you are making space in your heart, to invite in more things to be thankful for, and helping you shift your intentions, feelings and energy to this high vibrational frequency so you can bring in other things that match it!

  • Remember to be grateful for everything you have in life, instead of focusing on whta you lack.

3. Imagination

The deeper you expand your mind when it comes to energy healing and quantum manifestation, the more you you learn to let go of logic and social conditioning to be in your own world. That world, the one that you have created in your mind that you truly want to live in, actually already exists on another dimensional plane, or 'field'; you just need to learn how to trust that, add all the details of the picture perfect future you want; and allow with unwavering trust that it will happen as and when you want. You need to get super clear on your intention, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't have it. Ever.

  • Don't let anyone shame you into what is or isn't right for you, or part of your path. If you believe that you have a Pegasus horse as a spirit guide and that you come from a different planet, let that inner wisdom lead you what its trying to show you in this world we live in!

Imagination is a vital component of all energy medicine & quantum manifesting techniques, as it allows you to think about things that don't yet exist on the physical plane yet. So if you can't connect to visualisation try writing things down, creating a vision board, speaking about what you want, or feeling into how great it will be when it arrives in your life.

Albert Einstein, and really, all inventors and artists, are classic examples of people that used their imagination to bring something into existence. They had a 'crazy' idea that flooded into their mindset, and instead of contesting it with questions as simple as 'how' before they ultimately rejected it; they started working away, aligning with their intention, feeling grateful in their heart for such a great idea, and stopped at nothing to actually make it work by taking action. When something failed, they didn't stop. Instead, they used it as fuel to try something different, and practised gratitude that they had now found a whole bunch of ways that it didn't work until they eventually found the one that did. They devoted their energy, intention, and imagination towards creating a successful product/system, and so, they made it MANIFEST into life through the 5th dimensional world of thought and imagination, by trusting each inspired action that they 'downloaded' by allowing those wildly weird thoughts to show them the way...

  • Remember that wild imagination you had as a child before you were conditioned to believe otherwise? Tap into that to create from your heart!

The more you can expand your mind and allow these wild and weird thoughts in, the more you can enhance your healing of self and others too. This is essentially where healing modalities such as Reiki (healing with the hands, breath and mind), kinesiology (healing with the subconscious mind, metaphysical ingredients, and soul connection), psychic surgery (healing through thought and 'downloading' the knowledge and wisdom of source/spirit guides etc.), light language (tapping into a living language and frequency that heals wounds through time and space) and many more have come into existence; and why they often work better than traditional medical science. These treatments are about treating the person at a holistic (mind, body and spirit) level; the same way that dis-ease actually comes into fruition in the first place.

4. Trust & Patience

Oh darling, I see you there, trying to push for things that you just aren't quite ready for yet, and want to remind you to never give up. If you've read this far, you have already done WAY better than most, so please, keep reading for my final tips!

Often the reason that people give up on all of these practises (including their goals), is because they don't eventuate fast enough. We live in a modern era where everything happens with immediacy, and this dear ones, is not one of those things! In order to actually bend out minds enough to trust that things can happen for us; forgive others (and ourselves) for past hurts; love ourselves; and heal our old wounding; we need time to actually do the work, and that requires both trust, and patience - so please give yourself time, and remove the pressure of comparison. Your life is about YOU being the star character, so let yourself lean into your inner guidance to create the path that's truly aligned with your innermost hearts desire and intention.

I hope you enjoyed this read and can take some of these ideas into your daily life to help you shift through what needs to be healed (for self and others) ) and really start manifesting your life the way you truly want it to be.

In short, if you really want to lean into the energetics of manifesting your DREAM life and healing yourself and others, remember to:

  1. Get super clear on your hearts innermost desire and intention (the truth).

  2. Love yourself, others, and the ideal life you are calling in.

  3. Be grateful for all that you already have, to attract more great things into your life

  4. Devote yourself to your goals on a daily basis to have them at the back of your mind, and surrender to them slightly.

  5. Imagine the world you truly want and why, and don't get so hung up on how it's actually going to manifest (as this can often cause limiting beliefs).

  6. Be patient, and trust that it is going to happen for you when you take inspired action and trust in divine timing.

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx 

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