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Law Of Attraction | Are You Manifesting Migraines?

You might already know, that I'm a HUGE believer in the 'law of attraction'; the theory that everything that we have or are in this life, is a result of manifesting it through our deepest desires. It goes with the adage of:

"What we think, we become.

What we feel, we attract.

What we imagine, we create."

Unfortunately, not everything we manifest is good though. Sometimes our minds are moulded into believing falsity; we don't monitor our thoughts well enough; or can get stuck in negative spirals of self-loathing due to a person or past event in our life. We create doubt. We can't see how our life is going to shift, change, or get better. We have arguments with loved ones that lead us to become bitter. We hold onto anger, resentment, burdens, guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment, lack of self-esteem. We lose are mistreated. We lose our confidence. We stop doing the work, and creating the internal shifts we need to make the positive, external shifts take place, and as a result, these self-limiting beliefs can manifest as pain or dis-ease within our bodies, minds and lives.

Sound to far fetched to be true?

There have been numerous studies and texts written on the subject, one of which I constantly use for an intuitive reference both in my personal life and for my clients. In this particular text, it references a number of emotions people are feeling when they have a particular ailment. This could be something as simple as a headache, digestive complaint or a sore throat; or if left unattended, could arrive into your life as something more serious like muscular strains, arguments, bone breakages, job loss, endometriosis, infertility or even cancer.

Sometimes, because we've held such limiting-self beliefs for so long, they eat away at our bodies, trying to get us to pay attention to the innate wisdom we all possess. That's right, our bodies know what and how to heal, all on their own, and as a reiki healer, I just help you speed up the process and help make it happen. Remember now, that in the Reiki world (at least!) - we are all energy, and so is everything around including our thoughts, feelings, emotions, situations, possessions, physical ailments, and everything else that makes up our life.

For a quick 101 on manifesting, I've included this 18 minute YouTube vide from Sadhguru (an Indian spiritual guru that I follow). He breaks down the whole process of how manifestation works, and how your whole life and contents is a result of something that you once thought, wanted or felt strongly about:

Manifesting 101 | Sadghuru:

Now that your with me, I wanted to share a few of the most common physical blockages I find in clients bodies that I help them 'shift'. That is, I send this beautifully healing Reiki & Seichim (Sehkem) energy into their energy field, and at a subconscious level they start working on these stuck emotions or limiting self-beliefs that have been holding them back from the life they truly desire. Sometimes they will have a full body release (read: digestive complaints to detox!); a chakra release; tingles; warm/coldness in the body; thoughts/visions/words that enter their mind; seeing lights or colours (mostly associated with the chakras where 'blockages are held'); cry; or even feel a surge of temporary pain in the area that this emotional/mental memory has manifested itself. I've also listed a few questions after each, so you can try and get to the root cause of what your body is trying to tell you - instead of just alleviating symptoms with modern Western Medicine! Go within...



If the pain is dominating one particular spot, it's likely that you are angry, critical, or frustrated. You might suspect that people around you are plotting against you or attacking you, so as a result you're feeling guarded (you might also feel a heaviness/tightness in your heart if this is true). It could be that you are just thinking too much/too hard, because there is too much going on (most likely emotionally/mentally), and you need to stand up for yourself - but you don't know how.

If it's a migraine, then you've just had your first lesson in how emotional/mental issues can quickly progress into more intense physical pain - congratulations! Probably not what you wanted to read. Migraines are a reflection that you are trying to control a situation too much, arising with it a sense of pressure (most likely internal), seriousness and perfection. Sometimes it can be that you are suddenly feeling a great desire for deep love and approval, because you aren't able to, or won't give it too yourself. Other emotions that come up here are extreme guilt, anxiety, conflict (self and others), anger, annoyance, and self-punishment as a result of other emotions and actions.

Ask yourself: "Is something or someone giving me a headache?", "Am I spending too much time in my head?", "Have I over committed myself?", "Can I control the situation, or should I just release and go with the flow?" or even "Do I need to change my perspective, and think outside the box?"


Sore Throat:

The throat chakra is our house of self-expression, higher creativity (think creative vision), emotion, communication with others and the highest self. Sometimes known as the 'third ear', it's imperative that when we experience a sore throat, we take time out to listen to others with self-control, and perhaps more importantly, what our soul is trying to communicate to us. It's about not saying how you really feel, and as a result, only having yourself to blame as you are held back. It can often arise when you have feelings of suppression, stress, anger, frustration and fear, and results most often in internal conflict. Here also lies our desire to be accepted by others, and sometimes, acceptance of our selves. Stay in your authenticity, speak your mind, and your sore throat will soon disappear.

Ask yourself: "Is there something I need to tell someone?", "Am I not listening to my own advice right now?", "Am I being authentic (with myself and others)?", "Am I accepting all parts of myself?" or even "What message do I really need to hear right now?"



When you're low on energy, you might find that you have circulating emotions of stress, resistance, limitation or a sense of struggle. Often people that have this, are working hard, pushing beyond their boundaries and fighting to get things done for a cause (or their boss!). Sometimes, it can also be that they are bored or have certain frustrations with where their life is at, or are even drained by their social/family/work commitments. There is a sense of heaviness. This is also related to the adrenal glands and therefore, the root chakra; so therefore you may also feel a sense of helplessness, bouts of paranoia, anxiety, fear, depression worthlessness and lack that feeling of purpose. We are in unprecedented times right now, and your body and mind need more rest than usual - give yourself permission to get some deep rest and relaxation as and when needed!

Ask yourself: "I'm a feeling stressed in some aspect of my life?", "have I taken on too much?", "Is this work that I'm pushing myself to do really serving my highest and greatest good?", "Is this situation right for me, and do I have the power to change it?"

++ Does this resonate with you? If you want to learn more about how you can change your life with reiki, check out my distance healing options that are available anywhere in the world, and come with your personalised, extensive reading. This report will include any tarot or oracle cards I'm drawn to pull, chakra imbalances (and what they mean!); mental/emotional symptoms; messages that I've received from 'guides/spirit'; ++

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

🌟🌟Updates: lockdown 6.0 is here, and seeming to stay... In the meantime, I am offering Reiki & Seichim distance healings so you can see just how it works, and rediscover that inner peace by letting go of fear, stress and anxiety. For those interested in in-person sessions only, you'll be pleased to know that the NEW new move to QLD has now been pushed back to Boxing Day (yes, December 2021) - Hoorah! See you soon my lovely clients, and don't forget - YOU ARE ENOUGH xx 🌟🌟

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SURPRISE!! One last little 'gift' before I go...

Before I stop writing (I love to write!), I also wanted to share this beautiful hangdrum Sacral Chakra Healing clip that runs for 3:33 minutes. In case you didn't know, the sacral (root) chakra is associated with our emotional body, connection, intimacy, creativity, pleasure and sensuality, holding with it, our energy of flexibility and flow. Basically, it helps to reprogram us to use our intelligence and emotions in a creative way, when dealing with the experiences throws our way.

Manifesting while you work | Meditative Mind:

Okay, now I'm really going.

Off to send some distance Reiki to my lovely brother back home in New Zealand.

Thanks for readying my last word! xx

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