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Chord Cutting With Reiki

Spiritual hygiene is something we don't often think about, mostly because it's not something that is openly talked about, or part of the higher school curriculum. Just like physical hygiene became a ramped up part of 2020, spiritual hygiene really needs to dial up in 2023 and beyond as the veil between the worlds of spiritual and physical seem to be seamlessly blending. Aside from regularly cleansing, grounding, and protecting your energy (check out my blog on this topic here!), you can also gain a lot of benefit from creating regular times to cut chords between strangers, clients, friends, and even family for your (and their) highest and greatest good. This allows you to gently detach from any surrogation of their energy, emotions, and intentions towards you, as well as any physical or mental ailments you may be feeling into that don't belong to you. As a result, you can often feel physically uplifted, strong in your being, lighter, more in control, less fearful, more inspired by your own life, more rested, less repressed, and have a much clearer mind. I do this on a regular basis for myself and clients that ask (I had two people in yesterday for this which sparked my intention to write this!), so trust me when I tell you that I've seen, heard about, and felt the differences before and after this process.

What are chords?

Chords, anchors, or roots, are strong energetic exchanges between one or more people, that are unseen to the naked eye, often connecting the chakra centre of one person, to another. When these bonds or connections are made, our own energetic system can become imbalanced, and we often begin to experience varying emotional, physical, or mental states that don't seem to 'fit' us. It throws life out of balance, and we can sometimes even surrogate energy for them, pushing us into very fatigued states (think of a vampire sucking the life from your veins!). Most often, these chords are created through strong personal interactions with people we know, but they can also happen with complete strangers when we haven't taken the time to ground and protect ourselves energetically, and/or are generally tired, sick, or worn down. They say that the strongest chord is naturally between mother and child because of the physical chord that connects us to her during pregnancy, so if you feel like your mother is overly controlling, keep reading!

How do chords 'attach' to others?

If you can imagine the Aura (independent energetic field around each, known scientifically as the electromagnetic field), you can also imagine that when we leave our safe space of being alone, we naturally merge aura's with others throughout the day, and essentially 'collect' other people's energy, emotions, trauma, physical pain, or mental stressors like a sponge (especially empaths). More often than not, this happens without us knowing, so one of the best ways to ensure you keep your energy clean, is to check in with yourself morning and night to carefully monitor your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical state. Another way that chords can be created is through a form of 'psychic attack' (read this blog for more including some tips to protect yourself energetically), most often this is when someone may be jealous of the life we live in some way, and send negative intentions towards us. Psychic attack can be sent by friends, family, or even strangers, but it can be lessened when you let go of fear, send them love and light, and get the help of a healer to remove these attachments often called or perceived as 'entities'.

What is chord cutting?

Chord cutting is like releasing yourself from a semi-dependent relationship of sorts, where you may be too closely linked to another person. You can often then take on some of their emotions, mental upsets, physical pain, energy (highs and lows), intentions, or perhaps want to solve their problems as though they are your own. One of my favourite authors on the subject of energy, Cyndi Dale, suggests that around 80% of our 'problems' aren't actually even our own, because we pick up on, and absorb so much of other people's energy. Especially the empaths and highly sensitive amongst you!

Is there a simple way to cleanse my energetic field without cutting chords?

Yes! There is a whole list of things that you can do to cleanse your energy field on a daily basis, which I've listed in my blog on this topic here, but sometimes when you are feeling run down, overwhelmed, or stuck in a bad situation, you might need to enlist a little extra help. One of the simple ways to check in with your auric field (think of this as an energetic bubble around you that then feeds information to your emotional body, mental body, and then physical body in that order), is to take time to sit with yourself. As empath researcher Judith Orloff suggests, it's important to ask yourself questions like "does this energy/emotion/mental state/physical ailment belong to me?" If not, gently ask to return all energy to the persons highest self, for their greatest good. You can also call your energy back to yourself, which is a really helpful practise to get into at the end of the day, especially when you are traveling or have been around a lot of people. This on its own, can often reenergise you and make you feel grounded.

“Ask the Divine to replace any energies that aren’t your own—whether these energies are emotional only, mental only, or a partnership of the two—with a healing stream of grace. Request also that your own feelings and beliefs, those lodged in and pertinent to your spiritual self, become animate and accessible.” - Cyndi Dale

How do I cut chords with Reiki?

Reiki can enhance chord cutting through energetic intention, and works really well with other practises your may discover. Renowned Reiki Master, Parita Sha acknowledges that chord cutting "helps us to feel our own energy, release burdens that were never ours to begin with, and reclaim our power. By releasing cords with people that we were feeding off of, we also free them from taking on our responsibilities, emotions, and projections."

If you are already attuned to Reiki, you can follow the quick steps below to cut chords carefully, with the intention of sending love and light to all involved. If not, I'm available for energy healing appointments thoughts this website or the links at the end of this blog.

Setting up for your chord cutting ritual:

Find a time and space where you will be undisturbed for up to 30 minutes, and light a white candle to symbolise spirit, and a black candle to symbolise letting go of any darkness you feel within. If you have a chord cutting crystal tool (e.g. a selenite wand or crystal sword), ensure this is within arms reach. You can also have a few black tourmaline crystals around for any released negative energy, protection, and to help you stay grounded in your body. Lastly, you may want to have some Palo Santo, White Sage, or incense ready to burn to cleanse and clear your body and the room after the practise is complete. If you cannot sit on the floor comfortably, try sitting on a chair with your legs uncrossed, and your feet firmly on the ground.

Settling into the practise:

  • Try sitting on the ground during this session, allowing your Hara line (spinal column as utilised in Reiki) or Shushumna (spinal column as utilised in Kundalini practises) to gently expand with white light [Reiki] energy, pouring in from the universe. You may like to call in your Reiki lineage, spirit guides, and angels for protection and to help with your chord cutting ritual, as well as creating a golden white bubble of protection around you, and the space you are working within.

  • Deepen your breath, and straighten your spine as you sit in contemplation. Feel in more strongly to the ground beneath you, supporting you. Holding you. Protecting you in your own energy and anchoring you into the earth. Take your time to feel strong in your body and being. Utilise this time to also drop your grounding chord (the chord from your root chakra that connects with Gaia), and feel connected to the earth beneath you, and spirit above.

  • Give yourself permission now, to let the 'thinking mind' step out, and call in your intuition to gently open, allowing new information about this person and the attachment to arrive in your minds eye. Let go of logic. Let go of judgement. Let go of any pre-conceived ideas and ask for any and all psychic information to be fed through your open channels to gain clarity on the situation.

  • Take a little time to recognise any unhealthy energetic exchanges you may have, and how they may be harming you mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. As this happens, determine the person that makes you feel depleted, exhausted, unappreciated, mistreated, or used in any way, and notice any sensations that arise in your body when you think of them. Notice what colours or visuals come up in your mind, and if they relate to a chakra or position on the body to give you an idea of where the chord is.

  • As your thinking mind softens, you start to intuitively see, sense, or feel your auric body and all of your chakras lighting up your spinal column. Notice if there is any sense of tightness, stiffness, dullness, constriction or even pain in your body and send your attention there to quietly enquire for more information.

  • Now begin to visualise the energetic attachments between you and this other person as ropes, chords, anchors, vines or whatever other visual cue works for you. Notice the part of the body it anchors into, and where they are derived from by the other person involved. Notice if this connection feels heavy, fearful, scary, manipulative, jealous, or if any other feelings or emotions come up.

  • Set the intention now, to cut any energetic chords between you that you may have consciously or subconsciously been created. You can try reciting the following:

"I gently release any and all energetic chords, attachments, or surrogation of energy that is keeping me attached to {persons name}. I ask now that all energy, intentions, projections, feelings, words, thoughts, and patterns that do not belong to me be returned to this person's highest self, for their greatest good, with pure love and light. I call all of my own energy back to my highest self, for the greatest good, with pure love and light and recognise that it is safe for us both to gently disconnect in this time and place. I appreciate the connection that we have had, the lessons I learned, and the changes that I will go on to make in my life because of this person, and wish them no harm on their path to creating their own changes needed and necessary to live their best life. And so it is."
  • Visualise the chords disintegrating between you and the other person, or you may like to imagine cutting them with scissors (you can do this in the air physically if it helps!), burning them in a violet flame, or with a swift karate chop. Keep the intentions high vibe and full of love as you do this. Try your best to let go of any negativity or resentment you may feel for this person, as negative energy will only harm you in the long run. Trust now, that your angels, guides and members of the lineage you work with are supporting you, uplifting this energy, and depleting all chords, attachments, and surrogation's of energy between you, only holding light bonds of pure love and heartfelt intention (if you so wish). If you have a selenite wand (or a crystal sword), gently sweep this over your auric field (20-30cm away from your body) from the top of your head to your feet, front and back side of your body, as you exhale out with the intention of clearing your field, and letting go of these unhealthy connections. Sometimes this process can bring in physical sensations of tingles, warmth or chills as you are removing others energy from you. You may like to repeat this step with several connection points to the body if the attachment feels particularly strong. Optionally, you may like to use white sage, incense, or Palo Santo over your body for a similar effect - or perhaps both!

  • Gently feel into this process now as the changes begin to take place, and notice how your auric field has changed. Notice how light you feel. Notice how calm, connected and centred you feel. Notice how the process has been able to shift your mindset, and how free, happy, and complete you now feel.

  • Imagine the other person being free, happy, and complete; and then reflect again upon how you also feel free, happy, and complete within yourself.

  • To end the practise, take your hands over your heart and feel the gentle expansion in this space. Imagine a healing, loving, emerald green energy pouring into this space, gifting you greater self-appreciation, gratitude, and an abundance of self-love. If it feels right, you can imagine sending love to the other person also, but otherwise, take time to thank your guides, angels, and the lineage for being with you through this process as you bring your hands into Gassho (prayer position at the heart centre).

After you have finished, you may like to take a little time to sit, journal, gently stretch, or go for a walk in nature. Yoga is also a great way to let go of any rigidity that you may feel in your body from sitting for so long, and feel newfound space within your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does chord cutting hurt anyone?

Absolutely not! This is a practise you can utilise on a regular basis for any and all people in your life - even loved ones. As long s your intention is pure of heart and you are ensuring that you wish this to happen for the highest and greatest good for all involved, you can actually use this to enhance the relationships that are most important to you by putting a healthy 'distance' between you. In romantic relationships, this can be particularly helpful as it will stop a relationship being so overwhelming or co-dependant, especially if both of you resonate as empaths. Chord cutting does not end a relationship, it detoxifies your attachments towards each other, ensuring you don't hold any negative energy, feelings, or emotions that doesn't belong to you.

Can it be done via distance?

Yes! Just like all Reiki and energy healing medicine I work with, Chord cutting can be done in distance sessions as and when requested, especially a 'Soul Wisdom Reading & Healing' session which gives you the opportunity to receive channelled feedback through the utilisation of psychic insights.

Can I have your help?

Of course! I offer this within my healing sessions when people ask, or suggest it as an option when people are struggling with specific relationships (E.g. ex partners, parents, siblings, co-workers or toxic friends). If you are interested in working with me, check out my in-person and distance services in the 'treatments' section of my website: and write in the text field that you want to utilise chord cutting in your session.

If you enjoyed this blog and you know someone that may resonate with this, please pass it on through the links below, or cutting and pasting the URL for them. If you have questions or comments, please post them below and I will endevour to answer them asap.

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

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