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The Power Of Crystals

I don't know if it's just me, but over the past few years, crystals seem to be all a buzz in the world of mainstream society - and I love it! Having been introduced to these colourful 'rocks' at a young age, I have always been fascinated with their presence, and would often end up drawn into random stores dotted across the earth as I had felt a 'pull', and sure enough, a crystal that was calling my name. "But, How do you use them? "You ask, GREAT question. Today, I'm going to share some tidbits I've collected across time (this is amateur hour by the way - full disclosure!), and hope that it will give you a better understanding of their greatness.

What are Crystals?

Crystals originate from the belly of our Mother Earth (Pachamama as she is often referred to), deep down in the earths crust waiting to be formed and later on, found. Like us, each crystal has a unique energy or vibration, different colour's and characteristics, and behaves much like any other living creature. Some are cheeky and playful; some willing and eccentric; some great healers of the mind and body; some give us the ability to connect with the higher planes or 'spirit'; some are introverted, and even timid, yet just as present. Whatever the energy a crystal has; this is what we become attracted to because it's something that is missing from our lives, or that we need more of - a prime example of a 'mirror' that offers a gentle reflection we need to see. Sometimes it's so strong in fact, that it literally pulls us towards it, even if we don't have the understanding of what it is, how it works or why we ended up in a store selling crystals.


If not for it's energy, you will feel pulled to it by a more ego based attraction: it's looks.

The colour.

The curvature.

It's sharpness, or bluntness.

The angels.

It's sparkle.

For whatever reason you are physically attracted to it, there will be a much deeper meaning for it also. In saying this, it's also a gentle reminder that you might be serving yourself in a more 'egotistical' part of your being, rather than your authentic, truest expression of 'self' (but that's a whole other blog!).

"Crystals send messages to us without words" - Happinez Magazine

Crystals send messages to us without words. You see, the beauty we find in them is caused by light, and when it touches it's surfaces, it changes. Some crystals you will come across like clear quartz, resemble glass and let a lot of light through, while other common favourites such as rose quartz, let most light through, barring a small part of the red spectrum to make it a delightful shade of pink. Tigers eye, black obsidian and so fourth carry much more darkness due to their denser structures and absorb the light - but this doesn't mean that they hold negative or dark energies, it just adds some mystery to them that our soul innately wants to discover.

What do you feel?

"How crystals absorb and reflect light is caused by their microstructure, or the arrangement of their atoms (helllooooo science!). The atomic building blocks in countless tiny layers form the structure that will eventually turn into a crystal or gemstone. We sam the same principals in salt and sugar, but the difference is that in precious gems, they are many times harder and will not dissolve in water." - Happinez Magazine

Even if you don't believe in the powers of crystals, you probably feel something when you look at one. Maybe you're attracted by a colour or sparkle that seems to call to you. Maybe you like the cooling effect of blue, the Zen vibes of green, or the fiery passion of red. Maybe you like the stripes of the Tigers Eye, or the streaks of a Bloodstone, or maybe you just want a rose quartz because "It's pretty". It could be an urge like this that draws you to a stone containing the properties you need in your life right now, or it could be this urge that leads you to wanting to hold it in the palm of your hand and feel into it's subtle vibration. Often, when you have the urge to pick one up, the energy emanating from the stone touches you at a level, or subtly puts you in a certain mood.

Sometimes, it can calm you.

Sometimes, it can bring you to a place of wonderment and ease.

Sometimes, it can irritate you.

Don't choose the stone that irritates you.

"No matter how motionless the crystals seem, under the surface, they are very active. The atoms and electrons constantly turning and vibrating, so each crystal has it's own unique frequency to which it is very sensitive. Once it catches that, all the parts its made up of get so fired up that they vibrate along with it. This can cause such a powerful wave of energy that the crystal explodes spontaneously - a bit like those times you see in movies when an opera singer will literally shatter glass with the pitch they reach! The effect of crystals on your mood or well-being can be explained if you're willing to assume that we too have a frequency [and as a reiki healer, I come from a place that I truly believe we are all energy!] that can "catch a vibration" to which we're attracted." - Happinez Magazine

Somehow the crystal emanates an energy that resonates with you at some given moment, and voila, you've found your match!

How can you use crystals?

One of the things I read recently was an absolute game changer when it came to utilising crystals; you need to tell the crystal what you want help with, and how you expect it to work. That is, you need to transfer your goal for it, to tell it what you want, and instead of it just sitting there looking all pretty, use your own energy to activate it under your unique personal power. For example, if you're buying Rose Quartz to attract love, try enchanting the stone with a mantra like "Let me love myself wholly, completely and unconditionally; and allow me to attract that love from another in return. I am open to love, and I receive love.". Don't just wish for love, will it towards yourself with positive intention and daily reinforcement.

"Let me love myself wholly, completely and unconditionally; and allow me to attract that love from another in return - don't just wish for love, will it towards yourself with positive intention and daily reinforcement." - Monique Elouise

A few ways you can use crystals in your daily life:

  • Find a nice spot for them in your office space or desk (chose ones that emulate strengths that you need to do your work, that calm your mind, that help you get rid of certain energies, that energize you, or that bring you financial wellness.

  • Carry them loose in your pocket, bag or tucked into your bra and hold onto it when you want to reinforce it's strengths and the mantra it holds. Holding onto a crystal can help keep you mindfully focused on what it is you want, instead of getting caught up in your head with things you don't.

  • Keep them in your bedroom to help you with sleep, your sexuality, sensuality and love. Cast a spell on them by repeating a brief mantra 3x of exactly what it is you want, and repeat it daily as you hold this stone in your hands.

  • Put them in your water bottles (you can buy bottles that have them in there, and it's believed that the water you drink will then harness these properties)

  • Use them in your beauty routine; jade roller anyone? I use this one with my neoVeda Ayurvedic skin care range, but this package deal is super cool too!

  • Wear them as jewelry! Companies like Fire & Ice in New Zealand, or Australian fav Samantha Wills have a really spectacular range of crystal jewelry, but there are a lot of players in the game and always love to hear about your favorites too.

I could go on and on about ways to use them, how to clean, charge and cleanse them, and set your intentions; but I know that by now I've probably lost the majority of my audience to a shiny light in the distance - or a social media notification.

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise

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