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Are You Under Psychic Attack?

Psychic attack is one of those 'woo woo' terms that people use to describe physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that seem to come on suddenly and aren't able to be diagnosed by medical professionals. It's a vague term I know, but I'll dive deeper when I know I've got your attention - got it? Keep reading.

Before I deep dive into psychic attack, its important to discuss the energy that is whirling in and around the world. Something that you can't physically see of course, but for the empaths amongst you, it may be felt or sensed. Right now if you haven't tuned in, it appears that there is a bit of an energetic battle between the darkness and the light. You might notice this 'darkness' in people close to you that are suddenly:

  • Becoming draining to be around; complaining about superficial things in life.

  • Feeling a certain 'heaviness' come over you when you talk to or think about them.

  • Suffering from mental health problems that aren't managed well.

  • Feeling like someone in your circle is jealous of you.

  • Or you might even feel like you want to distance yourself from people you were once close to, or energetically, 'cut chords'.

Lightness on the other hand, can feel like:

  • A sudden call to energetic clearing practises like Reiki, meditation, yoga, qi gong or even walking to move energy within you and around you.

  • Feeling like you want to change your diet to become 'lighter' and healthier.

  • Knowing that things within your life need to change, and surrendering into it.

  • Clearing out your house, closet, or office of clutter that holds stagnant energy.

  • Cleansing your house with incense, sage or palo santo.

  • Changing your wardrobe, hair, or even house to reflect a brighter version of yourself.

  • Being called to step into your spirituality more and expose this part of you to the world.

  • Reconsidering the people you spend the most time with.

  • Or maybe have a dramatic change in jobs.

Psychic attack through all of this, is often when someone who is trapped in darkness, will wish ill upon you because they wish to be more like you. How does this work? Because intention is ----- ENERGY in motion. Energy directed with ill intention will sit in your energy field (aura or electromagnetic field) unless cleared, and then you may notice firstly mental feelings shift (e.g. becoming depressed, nervous, anxious, fearful, negative, etc.), followed by emotions (sad, unhappy, unmotivated etc.), and then even physical symptoms (headaches, fatigue, heaviness, soreness, stiffness, nausea, muscle aches etc.). In fact, it can come to feel a little like you are drowning, and you're the only one noticing...

Symptoms Of Psychic Attack

Psychic attacks with ill intention towards you, mostly come from people in your past such as jilted lovers; friends that you've cut out of your life; friends that are still in your life that are secretly jealous of your life in some way; colleagues/clients/bosses that might be jealous of your success; negative family members; or those who don't understand your spiritual path and beliefs. These 'attacks' can range in degree depending on the energy, intention, and 'power' of the person behind them, and some may even experiment with black magic (magic that has ill intent towards others). It may feel like this is all too 'woo woo', but as you read on, you might resonate with some of these very REAL symptoms:

  • Consistent headaches or migraines, often felt from the back to front of the head

  • Extreme fatigue and constant exhaustion which isn't fixed with sleep

  • Reoccurring nightmares, night terrors, or sleep paralysis

  • Heaviness, muscle aches and fatigue which can't be explained

  • Persistent, and often unexplained or undiagnosable physical illness

  • A sudden onset of anxiety, depression or other mental illness

  • A change in your appearance (skin colour, wrinkles suddenly appearing or sudden weight loss/gain)

  • Unexplained fears, phobias, or paranoia that you know don't make sense

  • Feeling like you are being watched

  • Noticing your most prized relationships taking an unexpected turn

  • Intrusive negative thoughts that don't feel valid or like 'you'

  • Your business taking a plunge even though you've done nothing different

  • Questioning your purpose out of nowhere

  • Facing a string of bad luck, financial lack, family problems, or relationship breakdowns

You can read more about these symptoms from this incredibly source, but what I want to really get to today, is how to overcome psychic attack so you can feel back on track, and in your power.

The first thing you need to know, is not to be afraid.

Allowing your energy to dwell down into a 'fear state' releases a low vibrational energy, attracting MORE low vibrational energy and allowing said 'attack' to stick around for longer (trust me when I say this is from learned experience!). So a great way to start turning this on its head, is to spend a few moments per day with hands over your heart, sitting in joy and gratitude - but I'll get into more techniques for you below.

How To Heal From Psychic Attack

One of the quickest, most effective ways to heal from this, is to know that it is within your power and ability to do so. You are in control of your energy field. You are in control of your thoughts, feelings, physical body and actions. You are in control of your life.

Sit In Joy & Gratitude

Often when you are under attack, the first thing you will notice is a change of mental attitude. You might shift gears from your PMA (positive mental attitude), to suddenly feeling down and not really having reason to. To shift this, start by placing your hands over your heart, and thinking about all you have to be grateful for. Think about each and every one in your life that lifts your spirits, that brings you happiness, and sparks joy. When you're finished, think about all the activities and events that bring you joy. It could be getting your nails painted a bright colour, the feeling you get from meaningful work, travelling, or spending time with family. Sitting in joy promotes high vibrational energy, and helps rid you of negative associations, feelings, thoughts and attachments.

Cleanse & Clear Your House

Clearing your house is simple! Just buy a smudge stick of white sage or Palo Santo, and start by cleansing yourself from head to toe (outdoors). Then, open all the doors and windows of your house, and starting at the back of your house, let the smoke waft through with the intention of releasing any and all negative energy and intent. Know in your heart it's working. Work from the bottom of the rooms, to the tops, and spend special attention on dark corners or anywhere your pets won't go near. See the negative energy being dispelled, and let your own personal power rise with its release.

Witches Salt/Black Salt

I love this ritual so much that I spent hours crafting my own hand blended large batch - and I sell it! Witches Salt is a strong protective ritualistic tool that you can sprinkle around all edges of your property, work space, and even the car, as well as carrying a little bottle with you when you travel to stay safe. Want to know more? Message me via instagram @anahata_reiki_and_wellness or whatsapp on +61406713018 to buy your bottle for just AU$25.

Utilise Energetic Protection Rituals & Potions

As above, so below. Energy clearing rituals with the violet flame are great for this (check out YouTube and insight timer for these meditation practices), but also imagine clearing any and all energy of others from your body and being. End the session by calling all of your own energy back to you from all corners of the world. Enhance it by booking in a 90 minute intuitive energy healing session online/in person for some super charged help. You can also buy potent potions to clear and protect your energy such as sprays, essential oil blends, and flower essences.

Send Love To This Person

Hard I know, but often when someone tries to 'attack' you, it's because they are jealous of something you have and something they want. It's great to admire those who have a life you seek to create for yourself, but jealousy is derived from fear (not being enough, having enough, doing enough etc.), so what this person needs more than anything is to feel LOVED so they can feel more sure of themselves and their own path (and hopefully leave you alone as a result). Start by placing your hands over your heart, smile, and say with true feeling that you wish this person love and light for their journey forward. Say it until you begin to believe it, and then some.

Utilise Protective Talismans

Crystals are great, but around the world, there are a number of protective symbols and talismans that can make you feel incredibly safe from blue eyes, to snakes; crosses to swords and far beyond. Do your research, and when your intuition speaks to you on which one is right - listen.

Patchouli & Olive Oil

This ritual was gifted to me by an old psychic healer in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. She told me this blend grounds and protects from psychic attack when rubbed on the hands, wrists, soles of the feet, back of the neck, and base of the spine - and she was right! Try it for 7 consecutive days and tell me you disagree. #triedandtrue

Intentional Clearing

After my last little attack, I called in the big guns and sought out help from one of my first Reiki mentors who gave me this script for removing hexes and psychic attack. It's strongest when you start it on a full moon, and write it out daily (with intent) at dusk, and burn it after reading it aloud for at least 10 consecutive days. I share a few little resources in this sacred section, so please feel free to ask which tool is right for you before you dive in. Energy work is not something to take lightly, so going in with a guided hand is always recommended.

Distance Healing

When you ask, you shall receive. A lot of my energy work is based around intention, and there are lots of ways I like to help my clients succeed beyond what you may see and feel in a session. During distance healings (and in person sessions), I can actually send healing and protection to your safe spaces, including your home and work, as well as aid you in chord cutting to release you from the binds that people can set upon you. I'll explain all of that in a private conversation though, so just let me know what you are looking for and we will work out what is right for you.

Chord Cutting Meditation

Chord cutting can be done in so many ways, but I suggest starting out with a guided meditation and strong intention of cutting/dissolving any and all chords between you and the person you suspect is throwing invalid intent against you. Utilise selenite as an energetic tool to enhance the release, and don't forget to ground and protect your energy first and post session!

Utilise Black Crystals For Protection

Black Crystals like black obsidian, onyx, and tourmaline make great grounding Crystals which will help release fear, worry, insecurities and overthinking and bring you back down to earth. They'll help you come back to your own energy, and they'll often help you actually protect it too.

Utilise Clear Crystals To Cleanse & Clear

Clear quartz is a powerhouse when it comes to enhancing energies of other crystals, and your own intention. When you get really clear on what you want, your grounded, and living in a space of love - use clear quartz to enhance the energies of other crystals like black tourmaline for grounding and protecting; and selenite for cleansing and clearing.

I could write a whole lot more here, but as always, I encourage you to do your own research and empower yourself as a spiritual being. Energy is a powerful tool, so I encourage you to always set your intentions towards others with love and light, and always wish for their highest and greatest good. You'll know what is right for you, what is to woo woo, and what you need help with, but if you get stuck, remember I'm always only an energetic call away.

You can revisit any or all of these steps any time you need; and if you know someone going through a difficult time as defined, please feel free to share it with them too.

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

🌟Ready to heal a little deeper? Please reach out via Whatsapp on +61406713018 to get on the waitlist for distance healing over the next 8 weeks, or pre-book your September in person healing sessions here🌟

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