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Healing From A Distance & Tarot Basics

Lockdowns have been a breeding ground for soul searching and personal growth as we allow ourselves to step back from the hustle of 'life', and lean into the slower pace of the 'new norm'. For me, that's also meant figuring out how to aid my clients on their self-care journey - from a distance.

Distance Reiki, Energetic & Intuitive Therapy

First and foremost, that's meant fine-tuning my Distance Reiki Sessions to ensure you get the same experience you would in person, but in the comfort of your own home. Remember that the WHOLE theory behind healing with Reiki (and Seichim) is that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY - you, me, time and space. Therefore, Reiki energy can be sent to you over oceans, and will still feel just as though you are right here, on the 'Reiki Table' in my home studio. If you haven't already, let go of the limiting beliefs that it only works if we are in person, and because I believe so much, I'll give you a full refund if you don't agree post session.

Secondly, it's meant that I've been busy practicing with oracle and tarot to fine tune my intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairalience and claircognizance, and working with people on a local and international level to test both the effectiveness of these treatments, and how the insights resonate - with great feedback! In fact, I've been listening to pod-casts from healers around the world (as well as having conversations across social media with other healers), who have found that because distance healing is all energetic, and the physical distraction is essentially removed, that their healing sessions have been even stronger than in person.

So if you're curious as to how it works, you can have a read of this link here, or as always, reach out on my instagram @anahata_reiki_and_wellness or +61406713018 for an obligation free chat. Reiki is great for so many reason including stress, anxiety, fatigue, mental fog and offering some clear sighted clarity, and for those of you who don't know much about reiki, I've included my brief "Reiki 101" below and will now get onto Tarot...

Give yourself loving kindness..

Lockdowns mean that you suddenly might find yourself with a whole lotta time, and a whole lack of purpose. It might mean that your mind is foggy, your motivation is lacking, or you feel purposeless. It might mean that you've gained 10kg, you can't think straight, that you're constantly feeling unhappy, highly emotional or uninspired. On the flipside, it might mean that you're one of those lucky people who is using this time to upskill, start a new job/business or create a plan for life that will allow you to truly thrive - and to those of you that are there, congratulations! To those who fall into the former category however, know that this is totally ok. In fact, the more people I talk to (I'm a deep chat kinda gal), the more of them I hear admitting things like "I just don't see the point", "I couldn't get out of bed today", "I just want to eat shitty food all the time", "I can't be bothered doing ANYTHING" or "I stopped training/doing yoga/spiritual practices" and so on. This is ALL OK. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and the best thing you can do right now, is look after your mental health, lean into your emotions in all their ferocity, and work through them the best way you can. Be loving, be kind, and be gentle with yourself.

Despite the setbacks however, it might mean also, that you're finally giving yourself permission to connect with your own true self, your authenticity, your spirituality, and are suddenly seeking answers on the greater meaning of 'life'.

I've been there, and I can tell you, that giving way to your spiritual path is a much better way of getting through tough times like this than anything out of bottle or beyond. In fact, I've been doing this deep dive into spirituality since I was a teenager, and the more you allow yourself to expand your mind, and accept that there in fact IS more to life, the better your life will become.

So here it is, Tarot 101

Tarot dates back to the mid 1400's where the oldest 'tarot playing cards', Visconti-Sforza were commissioned in Renaissance Italy by the Duke of Milan. That's right, ITALY. The earliest recorded 78 card 'parlour game' versions however, actually came from the Tang Dynasty in China, which dates back to as far as 618AD. Trade then bought these cards to Islamic society, and reached Southern Europe by the mid 1300's. By the turn of the eighteenth century, came the 'Tarot De Marseille' which is the tarot deck that most modern versions have been derived. The real interesting thing though, is that its been redrawn, reinterpreted and reinvigorated that many times, that the best way for you to select a tarot deck as part of your daily/weekly/monthly ritual is to intuitively pick one that is best for you. Something that resonates. Something that makes you cry "Ohhhhh, I need that deck in my life!". When I was a kid, I was always told that the first deck needed to be gifted to you by someone else, so, at the tender age of 15, I was begging Mum to buy me a pack that I could fumble through to find out if my latest crush indeed liked me back.

Lets get started then, shall we?

The Tarot is split into two parts: the 22 Major Arcana cards (picture cards) and 56 Minor Arcana (suits). The Major Arcana cards are generally of more significance as they often infer to major turning points, however, the Minor Arcana are what allows Tarot Readers (in this case, your self-guided intuition) to understand the subtleties and details that surround the major events.

The Major Arcana Cards:

There are 22 cards in this section, all of which have meanings relating to a certain stage of your life or 'journey', ranging from beginning to conclusion, and starting over again. Depending on which tarot deck you use, they will often come with a book/guide to decipher the meaning behind them, or you can simply use Google to understand them from different people's perspective. However, this is YOUR journey, so one of the fun ways to use them is to see what feelings/thoughts/emotions come up when you look at the intimate images within the cards - the pictures, colours, how you feel, what words might pop into your head, emotions, thoughts, visions, smells; these are all ways that your intuitive gifts start speaking to you. I've also decided to share this little 'Cheat Sheet' from 'A Little Spark Of Joy' that gives you a quick run down of ALL the cards and their basic meanings.

Example: 'Judgement'

Relating to the final judgement of whether one would be welcomed into 'heaven' or 'hell', this card can often be interpreted as either being judged by others for the person that they have become (or perhaps an action/interaction/experience they have most recently had), or the insight to be able to judge themselves. That means with clarity, insight, honesty and authenticity. Its a sign that you are seeing yourself for the person you really are, how you fit in to the world, how you can use your gifts/talent to better the world and will arrive at a game-changing realisation. It could also relate to an experience/situation (depending on what you've asked the cards), and realising that you have all the answers within you in order to decipher what you want to know about it. Be truthful, be honest, be open to learning and growing - even if it's uncomfortable.

Basically though, if you pull cards from this part of the pack, there is a significant event happening in your life right now that is about to change - if you listen to the advice of the cards, and grasp it with both hands. Take your time in learning the meanings and figuring out what they mean to you, as they will often set the scene for the whole reading before you. Learn to trust yourself!

A Little Spark of Joy - Tarot Card Meanings Chea
Download PDF • 1.82MB

The Minor Arcana Cards:

These are the pieces of the puzzle that have more subtle energy, and while there's a lot of them, there's a few quick tips I can pass on that will have you ready to read by the end of this blog #winningatlife. They usually relate to more 'day-to-day' events in your life too, so if this is going to be part of your daily journey, then these might start posing common themes.

Firstly, they are divided into four suits with 14 cards in each, basic meanings below:

  • Wands - Elements of Fire - Passion and Inspiration; our vital force (energy); creative energy to go forward in life; desire, sexuality, enthusiasm, power and passionate creativity (reproduction, karma sutra etc.). Fire is the visionary energy inspires us to go after our goals, that motivates us, and gives us the energy to do so.

  • Pentacles - Element of Earth - Property and Achievement; material needs, measurements and appraisals; physical energy; territory (home base); abundance; property; work & social Standing. This is about our 'place in the world' on so many levels.

  • Cups - Element of Water - Emotions and Relationships; receptive emotional energy; feelings, intuition, love (of all kinds), stirring sentiments (positive and negative); compassion, faith, heartening states and mysticism; our deep 'inner world' including inner most thoughts, feelings, fears and goals. This is about our emotional world.

  • Swords - Element of Air - Wisdom and Communication; mental world; thoughts, ideas, guiding ethics and morals; language and communication with ourselves and others, as well as points of view. This is about our mental world, how we think, act and communicate with ourselves and others.

Numbers: This is a super quick run down, but if you're more interested in numerology, there are so many resources available including numerology readings (personal, professional) and a personal fav, Angel Numbers.

  1. The Aces: Essence, new beginnings/seed, power, potential, blessings on blessings.

  2. The Twos: Duality, partnerships, form, union, decisions, balance, coming together.

  3. The Threes: Growth, creativity, expansion, progression, energetic output.

  4. The Fours: Foundations, rationality, consolidations, conserving energy, structure.

  5. The Fives: Uncertainty, conflict, change, dealing with BS, adversity, hardship

  6. The Sixes: Harmony, stability, communication, transcendence, equilibrium

  7. The Sevens: Spirituality, soul motivations, purpose, assessment, endurance

  8. The Eights: Progress, strength, judgement, movement, making good choices

  9. The Nines: Accumulation, realization, reassessment, experience, coming to a conclusion

  10. The Tens: Completion (!), pinnacle event/achievement, ultimate outcome, full circle


  • Red: Associated with the root/base chakra, as well as energy, passion, and the material world (home, work, money, living conditions etc.)

  • Orange: Associated with the sacral chakra, as well as creativity and impulses

  • Yellow: Associated with the solar plexus, as well as consciousness, illumination, and self-expression

  • Green: Associated with the heart chakra as well as nature, nurturing and 'growth'

  • Blue: Associated with the throat chakra, as well as truth (authenticity), communication and clarity

  • Purple: Associated with the third eye, as well as intuition, clairvoyance and spirituality

  • White: Associated with the crown chakra, as well as purity, innocence, connection with the divine/source energy/god

  • Grey: Neutral, unknown outcomes

  • Black: Protection and oppression (e.g. using black crystals will offer you energetic protection).

Ready to get started?

  1. Hold your tarot (or oracle) cards in your receiving hand (left hand) and knock on the top to clear anyone else's energy, or energy from past readings.

  2. Think how to ask that 'burning' question in an open-ended way. Close your eyes for a few minutes and really think about the question - why it's important, what you hope to get out of an answer, and the best way to frame it.

  3. Pick up your deck, and while still focusing on the question, shuffle your cards allowing your hands to touch each and every single card with your own energy.

  4. Open your eyes when you feel 'ready' and either pick cards directly for the top, or anywhere within the deck, spreading them out as you do in either a one, three or multi card spread (e.g. the self-care pyramid or Celtic cross/Or this version)

When you have your pack, there are a whole bunch of different layouts you can use:

  • Pick one random card from the deck post meditation/yoga/waking up, as a way of setting your intention for the day, or asking for the advice you need most right now.

  • Layout three cards in a row as:

    • past, present, future

    • problem, challenge, outcome

  • Use the Pyramid or Celtic Cross (links highlighted above)

After you've laid them out, turn them over (you can also look up inverted meanings if a card is upside down), and use the information in this blog as a quick decoder. Don't forget to journal your findings to deeply connect with your intuition!

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

🌟🌟 Need some clarity and calm in your life? I am now pleased to offer Distance Reiki bookings from the comfort of your own space, with a side of Tarot to dive deep into what's going on at subconscious level. For details and bookings, check out this link or feel free to connect via email: or Instagram on the links below 🌟🌟

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