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Simply... Be Happy!

Lockdown number five is here Melbourne, and while I'm sure there are some of you that have already assumed fetal position, I can guarantee you that by picking some things off this list, you WILL feel better soon.

  • Try something new! Inline or roller skating; painting or sketching; skateboarding or wakeboarding; wine tasting or cheeseboard designing;

  • Paint your nails in bright, eclectic colours. While you're at it, why not get crafty on your make up to match!

  • Change your house/room around. They say change is as good as a holiday, and as I'm writing this from my freshly changed up office, I can whole heartedly agree. Get sweaty and shift your furniture around, by a new throw or house plants, or go all in and get paint sample colours while enjoying a Bunnings fix.

  • Have a pamper night in! Run a bath, get a face mask, make a cup of tea, and relax with a good book. Seriously though, when was the last time you read for pleasure?

  • Binge watch your favourite TV series. Highly recommend 'Emily in Paris', 'Bridgerton', 'Younger' and 'The Bold Type' - Missing something? Please comment with your fav #mustwatch and if you're over Netflix, try Stan, YouTube or Binge...

  • Bake your troubles away and gift the excess to your neighbours or friends-within-5km. Want some inspo? Check out my good friend's Paleo page @thekelseyale - highly recommend her Paleo baking book!

  • Play a board game like it's the 90's. Monopoly anyone?

  • Smile meditation. So simple, yet so effective! All you have to do is find a quiet spot in the house, sit cross legged with a straight back, set your timer for five minutes and close your eyes down as you smile. When you do this for a lengthy period of time, it will increase happy hormones and decrease the negative ones too. Perfect!

  • Get rugged up, and pack a backpack with some weights for 'hike' around the hood. Not only is this create for core strength, glutes and quads; but you'll burn more calories by giving your whole body a deeper burn.

  • Put on your favourite playlist and give the house a DEEP CLEAN. Or just crank up the heater, and dance around in your fav club/hippy threads and pretend you're raving away the night at a beach party... Yes please. Anyone have spare glitter?

  • Learn a new skill at Udemy and support a teacher from around the world! If you're on a budget, you can check out Youtube too for some great tutorials, meditations or yoga classes too.

  • Get your side-gig up and running and don't forget to ask me about building a beautiful, soul-inspired website! email me at for a list of references including some of my most recent work (like Ricci's Bikkies and Bespoke Melbourne Hampers). Creativity and spirituality run hand-in-hand, so let me meditate on all the right feels, and bring your vision to life!

  • Want some extra energy? Check out the MindBody app for virtual fitness classes or just jump on YouTube.

  • Need to get out of your head? Journal. Write about how you feel; all the things you miss; the things you would rather be doing... anything that makes you feel relaxed and relieved.

  • Plan an Intercontinental date night in and don't spare the details. Love Italian? Order in or cook your favourite dish, and don't forget your makeshift-sheet-toga with Italian music and an Aperol Spritz. Enjoy India? Go full Bollywood, get your sari and bindi's out and watch a Bollywood movie on Netflix with Chai and Kulfi. Export yourself, and make a night of it (I want to see photos please!).

  • Make a vision board! The past few years may have stopped a few of our goals coming alive, but now is the perfect time to redefine what you want, and figure out how to get there. Get out of your comfort zone, buy some magazines and GET CRAFY! Vision boards a great way to visualise what you want; so go overboard on details and imprint the life you truly desire.

  • Do a house cleanse! Go out and buy some white sage or Palo Santo, open all the doors and windows and repeat "Air, Fire, Water, Earth; Cleanse, Dismiss, Dispel". Let the negativity out, and the good vibes in. Don't forget to cleanse yourself head to toe with the smoke first.

  • Challenge yourself to an yoga asana. Is there a yoga posture that you really loathe? Because that my friend, is the one you are most likely to need.

  • Book in a distance Reiki healing with Anahata Reiki & Wellness (me!) or if you're Melbourne based, I will be here now until at least next Saturday, so in person sessions will be available as soon as lock-down is released.

  • Get back to your true self and carve out some time to meditate after a one of the may live Yin classes from Kula Yoga, The Liquid Room or Prana Yoga and Wellness (my favs!). You can also try searching Eventbrite for Women's Circles or other online events that will help you elevate into a state of welcomed bliss.

  • Print off one of these cool Mandala's/images to colour in and make a night of it. This version of 'mindful meditation' can be a great way to get the whole house involved over some zen-ful music and drinks, and leave you with art to brighten up the house (p.s. the sloth and heavily detailed girl were hand-drawn by me during last lockdown!)

Have your own #simplyhappys to add? Loved one of my suggestions? Leave your comment below or send me an email at or tag me on Instagram @anahata_reiki_and_wellness for a shoutout.

Sending love & light to you all through these tough times, and hope to see you all thriving again as soon as possible.

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise

🌟🌟P.s. last minute Reiki appointments will be available from Wednesday 21 - Friday 23rd, 10:30am - 5:30pm 🌟🌟

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