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Anahata: Studio Updates

Aloha and Namaste to all of my beautiful clients, followers and friends.

We are now almost at the halfway point of the year, and looking back on our first mini-lockdown for 2021. With that being said, mine, like many small businesses has changed and evolved as I've used this time to research and recreate. Through this, I am excited to announce that I will be soon be hosting training sessions to become attuned to the healing powers of Reiki for yourself, and also have a temporary move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast from the end of July - September.

What does this mean?

The move means that now is the PERFECT time to book in for your reiki sessions to reestablish that inner connection, refresh and reconnect your soul. It's also a great chance to try some of my other offerings like Reiki with Insights to enhance your understanding of the emotional, spiritual and physical connection; or perhaps a house/space/office cleanse to get rid of negative, unwanted energy and keep yourself moving forward through whatever the depths of winter may offer.

I will be using my time away to put together my own Super Special Training Programs for:

  • Reiki Level One (self-practice)

  • Reiki Level Two & Seichim (past, future, distance healing; healing for others; and a combination of Egyptian and Japanese Traditional Reiki)

  • Women's Circles (hoooraahh!)

My aim here is not only to attune you to these universal energies, but to also help you let go of negative self-talk; limiting beliefs; past emotions/regressions; and help you step into your own power, aligning with the powers of the universe. Thus, making them into a 'mini-retreat' for yourself so you can powerfully move forward, and step into your light. I will also research spaces where I can hold weekend retreats in the Sunshine Coast - so keep following my updates here and on Instagram for details, and let me know if you're keen to connect!

Distance Reiki

Meanwhile, as I will also be temporarily closing my Melbourne based studio, I am offering Distance Reiki sessions for all current clients. Because I have loved connecting with your presence in person so much, I find the connection is much deeper when offering distance healings, than not having met at all. Given that we are all energy, and everything in time and space is energy; Reiki & Seichim work in with this beautifully, finding their way to you for a sublime, holistic healing of the mind, body and soul. I will send you my music in advance (via Spotify), talk to you before and after, and conduct the session as if I were there - but in the comfort of your own home. Because we don't get to physically connect, I will also draw three oracle cards based on ANY question/decision you are struggling with and write you up some juicy insights to enjoy over a cup of tea! If you are not satisfied with your healing, I will also refund every cent, because I believe always in putting my clients wellbeing first.

In-Person Healing

Right now though, I am very focused on giving you my absolute ALL in person. I will be taking bookings up until Thursday July 15, including Saturday 10th July, 10:00am - 5:00pm. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an after hours appointment also, and I will try and make it happen.

Remind Me, What Can Reiki & Seichim Help With?

From my own experience as a healer, reiki has helped clients with:

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Reduction in depressive symptoms

  • Inducing deep sleep and aiding with insomnia

  • PMS symptoms (cramps, mood, energy)

  • Endometriosis

  • Arthritis pain and associated movement

  • Tinnitus

  • Increasing energy and balance

  • Aiding with grief, forgiveness and personal loss

  • Spirituality and personal growth

  • Preparing the body for pregnancy

  • Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love

  • Overcoming personal and professional obstacles

  • Healing via distance

  • Opening up to the possibility of love and happiness

  • Healing of past trauma

  • Bringing a sense of 'lightness' into your life

  • Deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation

  • Clarity of the mind

  • Improved overall health and wellbeing

  • Greater emotional balance

  • Elimination of stress and anxiety

  • Helps connect you to your true self

  • Enhancing creativity

  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping

  • Autism

  • Increasing vibration, balancing chakra's and 'grounding'

It's Not Good-Bye, It's See You Soon!

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise

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