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Tips for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

My heart right now is filled with a deep sense of sadness. As an intuitive empath (and projector with splenic authority for those that LOVE Human Design as much as I do!), I tend to take in a lot of what is going on around me, as though it was my own felt sense. I feel the emotions of those around me deeply. I walk down the street, and often realise a ‘shift’ in my emotional or mental state. I tune into local or global news, and am hit with an onslaught of empathy for those suffering in what would otherwise be silence if the world wasn’t so overly connected by media of varying degrees. I speak this out loud not to point out how ‘different’ this makes me feel from the average person, but because only 1-2% of the population have this sensitivity – and you might be one of them.

From a young age, I always knew I was different, and because of that, I’ve never truly felt like I have truly 'belonged' anywhere. I would often spend time watching others from a distance; taking in the intricacies of what was going on around me; and intuitively hearing what wasn’t said out loud. I would watch for body language, and always used to imagine what people were thinking or what their stories might be, until later, understanding that the deep intuition I hold, is actually a combination of claircognizance (inner knowing) and clairsentience (feeling). Among my two strong ‘Clair senses’, I’ve also learned to develop clairvoyance (seeing images) and clairaudience (hearing voices) through the practice of Reiki, and now find it hard to ‘turn off’ when I am not actively channeling. That means, that I’m often taking in other people’s innermost thoughts, hurts, pain (physical, mental, emotional) etc., and can find that I’m often worn down easier than ever before. Through this energetic embodiment, I’ve been able to tap into universal energy and because of this, I am able to know and feel (very accurately from the feedback I get!) what is going on for others at a deeper level, and relay the messages they need to know ‘right now’ so they can make changes and step into the life they had always imagined.

This to me, while sometimes overwhelming, is the gift I feel I am to share with the world.

It is of course, through this deep knowledge of the subconscious mind that we are able to make changes; to remove blockages; to overcome obstacles; to learn, grow, love and live better in our waking lives with the gentle push we need to hear most. The interesting things I’ve learned about being an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) (and Projector!) though, are what I really want to share today in hopes that what I’ve been able to learn through deep introspection, are things that may resonate with those who are reading this blog, because I know the right people will naturally be drawn here. Another thing to note, is that HSP’s and empaths can be males, females or non-binary; they can be of any colour or race; they can be realised at a young age or not recognised until they are older – so if you’re someone that has been told “don’t be so sensitive”; take it in your stride and understand that while some people might see it as a weakness, it’s actually a hidden super power because you are the 1-2% that see and feel the world differently.

  1. Empaths and HSP’s need time to retreat:

When you are an empath, you are constantly taking in the emotions of those around you; especially when you find yourself in crowded spaces. Even the average person will understand what it’s like to walk into a place where the ‘energy’ has a particular vibrance – be that anxiety in a workplace, sadness at a funeral, or happiness at a wedding. When you are an empath, you don’t even need to be focusing your attention on the people around you, without actually taking in what they are feeling. For me, my ‘go to’ when I’ve reached my limit of emotional overwhelm, is retiring into a cool, dark space, and often watching something uplifting or listening to music that transports my mind. There are loads of binaural beats/meditations that are aimed at cleansing the mind, and raising your vibration back to that of positivity, and I’m telling you now – they are super helpful (try YouTube or Insight Timer).

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2. You need to constantly learn to ‘ground yourself’ Grounding is something that I’ve learned to do in many ways, which can be as quick as eating something like almonds, fruit or vegetables; or as complex as a yoga practice that focuses on shifting energy through the various chakras to come back into your balance. Going for a barefoot walk is helpful when you leave your phone at home. Cold showers or ocean swims will cleanse the chakras (energetic centres of the body). Spending time in nature, meditating and taking time away from electronic devices are ALL helpful in the way that you learn to come back to your absolute self, and reengage with your own authenticity.

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3. You can actually clear your energy field just be asking “Does this emotion belong to me?” When you leave the house feeling positive, energised and upbeat, and arrive home a few hours later feeling scattered, anxious, fearful, flat or imbalanced; try asking yourself – “does this emotion belong to me?” most of the time, this is enough for you to let go of other peoples energetic baggage. When you are feeling a little overwhelmed, next time, try simply asking yourself the above question, and gently waiting for the answer. If it’s not yours, say out loud “I am letting go of this sense of …….. (whatever the emotion is that doesn’t belong to you).

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4. Empaths and HSP’s have lowered immunity. Fact. I recently spoke to my Naturopath who confirmed this theory that I’ve often read (google associated scholarly articles on the topic to read into this more) and noticed within my Reiki clients, saying that she has noticed that anyone who resonates as an Empath or HSP, has a lowered immune system, getting sick more often. This could be a cold, flu, autoimmune disease, lifestyle disease, fractures, or even cancer. It’s not just that we will get sick more often though, its that we often feel these illnesses deeper than others, and therefore, need to constantly be taking precautions around communicable diseases. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to supplements to top myself up which include a quality B vitamin, vitamin c, zinc, spirulina and for periods, iron. I’m NOT a nutritionist, but I have done vast studies in both nutrition and nutritional therapy for me to recognize that I have imbalances with these key nutrients and minerals, but I would suggest visiting a naturopath personally to get to the root cause of what you may need.

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5. Sleeping on your own is deeply recharging I sometimes remind my husband of my ‘little battery’ when I know I can’t keep up with his ‘generator’ nature that human design recognizes. Because I always want to do everything with him, and LOVE to travel and explore, I often run myself down to a point that I either get sick (see point above), or need to sleep longer than usual. From a number of articles I have read alongside personal experience, one thing that an empath and/or HSP needs, is time alone to truly recharge. We need time to be solely in our own energy. We need space to go about our day at our own pace, and chose foods that feel nurturing without feeling forced to eat socially. We need the ability to step back from taking on and taking in the emotions of others, and recharge ourselves with our own flavour of life. If you resonate as an empath or HSP, try communicating with your partner/family/housemates that you need time alone to truly recharge, and this will help you stay physically healthier, as well as happier.

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6. Our sensitivities are also a strength Being sensitive while often hard to navigate, can also be a super empowering strength when handled correctly. It allows you to understand what your loved ones are going through and help them come to comforting conclusions. It allows you to see a situation from a felt sense. It allows you to see solutions that others might not recognize in their logical minds, because yours is often emotional, creative and spiritual. Whatever your super power is (these will vary greatly between each Empath and HSP), it is a great idea to enhance it with certain curiosity, and always make sure that you are protecting your energy, grounding and letting go of what doesn’t belong to you. For more on this, please visit my blog about being an HSP and learning to guard, cleanse and protect your energy.

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7. Prioritize self-care Self-care is such a buzz word, but yet still so under-rated. Mostly, because people find it hard to dedicate time and space to restorative practices or taking care of themselves when they are not actively sick, and don’t feel worthy because no-one has given them permission. In the western world, we are often taught by society that we should always be ‘hustling’, and while I agree its probably the best way to have a profitable business or be successful, it can sometimes be counter productive for those of us who actually need more rest. Some of the best self-care hacks as an empath or HSP are mentioned in my above mentioned blog about guarding your energy, but if nothing else, I would highly recommend a solid yoga practice (3-7 days per week), meditation (morning and night), salt water baths or ocean dips, a weekly self-care ritual (e.g. pampering massage, nourishing slow meal, morning spiritual-self routine, cacao ceremony), talk therapy, journaling as a form of connection and release, sleeping alone for 1-2 nights per month (this could also just be going to bed earlier, or getting up later) and communicating with others that you need some down-time while reminding them that you love them deeply. Yoga, above all else though, is probably the most helpful because it is about creating union of the mind, body and soul, and is a strongly somatic, therapeutic practice of self care that will help you learn more about yourself.

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I hope that this blog finds you well and that my learnings will enable you to understand a little bit deeper, as well as finding the courage to be kind to yourself for the person you are. If you haven’t heard it in a while, I also want you to know that you are loved, and you are, absolutely enough, just as you are. Sending much love,

🌟🌟 I am pleased to announce I will now be working out of 'The Prana Room' on Tuesdays in the leafy suburb of Buderim (Sunshine Coast) until I have created a specialized space at home. As always, I am offering Distance Oracle Readings and Reiki & Seichim healings to get deep into the subconscious and induce healing states. Next month I will be in Melbourne from Monday April 4th - Friday 22nd (Friday 15th - Monday 18th is at full capacity) and look forward to connecting with you in my studio space there! 🌟🌟

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

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