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Reiki, Energy And The Chakra System

If you're new to holistic health, the term 'chakra' may be unmeaning to you, but it is certainly something you will want to begin understanding as you chose the powerful path of transformation.

In Sanskrit, arguably the most sacred living language, the word chakra translates loosely to "wheel". This translation hints at the spinning circular movement of each energy centre which can simultaneously send and receive information to you all the time. While it is believed that every person has 50-108 chakras, there are only 7 key chakras that we tend to focus on through reiki and yoga. The term originated from the most ancient and sacred Indian texts, 'The Vedas', which is known to be the foundation of modern Ayurvedic medicine (inclusive of yogic practices) and Hindu wisdom. In India, Hindu's believe 'The Vedas' to be supernaturally authored full of channelled messages designed to guide and help humans as they evolve.

Therein, the chakra system has been a focus of spiritual teaching since ancient times as gathering places of energy within and adjacent to the physical body. The reason we place such an emphasis of study and manipulation upon them, is because they are the body's energy vortexes that determine how, where and for what purpose energy is flowing within your physical and etheric body (the first layer of the aura or human energy field). It is believed that blockages result in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual 'dis-ease'; in other words, things start to get out of balanced and we are flung out of our state of homeostasis. Some of the psychological signs of blocked chakras can be found below:

Why does energy move through the chakras?

In yogic tradition, prana, or life force energy, is by design and necessity, a flowing source of God/Source/Creator/Higher Consciousness. Energy is always flowing, and this is a fact: Quantum physics has proved via zero-point theory that particles are never at rest, even when in a 'resting' state, there will be non-zero kinetic energy. Therefore, WE are all energy and so is everything we see, touch, feel, do and believe in. Now, since all matter is energy (even at rest), you must understand that you are in constant motion on a subatomic level. Beyond your physical body, you have an etheric or 'subtle' body that remains at a higher vibratory state and thus is not visible to the eye. The subtle body is home to your chakras, or energy centres, where energy naturally coagulates at nine central points from just above the head to just under your feet. These are the main points of connection I use when conducting a reiki session in order to uncover blockages and help you heal by moving past physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain.

Below is a little introduction to each chakra, with the sanskrit names listed in the second image. If you have had one of my reiki sessions, you will know already that I often send you a follow up email explaining how blockages in certain areas of the body relate emotionally/mentally and sometimes physically, but you can also start to decode feelings of being 'stuck' in an area with the help of these infographics:

As a reiki practitioner, I work with this universal energy/prana/chi in order to keep your chakra system healthy, unblocked and whirring full of energy enabling your body to start healing itself on a deeper level (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). It is through the practice of 'light healing' or reiki that we can tune in to ourselves on a deeper level, creating greater insight and ability to move forward. One of the things I would also like to point out here, is that as much as I am the conveyor or channel of this healing energy, it is you, yourself, that is utilising what I bring to you and innately knowing where to send it in order to heal. That's right, you are doing the work; I'm just enabling it.

So then, why is energy so important?

Energy dictates your health, happiness and whether you are in harmony within your environment. So when you improve this energy flow through holistic methods such as reiki and yoga, you are opening yourself up to greater health, happiness, love, wellness, protection, harmony, prosperity and comfort. You are essentially 'raising your vibrational energy', hence the popular term 'raise your vibe'.

I know this is a lot to digest, and you can take or leave what you want. I believe however, that it is part of my duty to share the science behind Reiki and Yoga as much as I like to share the spiritual side, and leave the beliefs 100% in your hands. Also, I will go into more details about the chakras in upcoming blog posts, but for now, I just wanted to share the intro.

Lastly, I just wanted to use this opportunity to send you a little update on the covid situation. As of Wednesday 16th of September, I am temporarily relocating to Christchurch, New Zealand in order to be closer to family and keep my work alive. It was a long, hard decision that took a lot of weighting to make, and am at peace with how it has landed in my life. While I will be back in Melbourne early next year, I want to utilise my time in New Zealand to reach, heal and connect with as many people from my hometown as possible, so if you're one of them please feel free to contact me at, or book a session directly through my website

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise

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