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Why Every Empath Should Learn Reiki

Empaths* are naturally drawn to energy healing for one main reason – they pick up and feel energy from those around them every single day, as if it were their own. This not only makes them great healers, but also sets them up to distinguish the difference between what they are feeling in their own aura (energy field), and that of others. It has also been documented that many empaths have natural psychic ability, which is enabled further through the initial attunement process akin to the first level of traditional Usui Reiki.

As an empath, it is natural to start the day feeling greatly refreshed after a sound nights sleep (especially for solo sleepers!), only to ‘pick up’ an array of emotions, thoughts, and even physical feelings, pain, or discomfort from others as they go about their day. The monkey-mind of their partner preparing for a meeting over breakfast. The anxiety of a co-worker. The grief of another’s heartache. The physical pain of their child, mother, spouse, or friend. Or for some, the heaviness of the world crumbling around them as they view it in the news. This in itself, is a good reminder to ensure they are only seeking information that is positive, uplifting, and relating to the world that they want to bring into creation.

Often seeing themselves as cursed, these highly sensitive types (often raised by parents who don’t understand their gift) tend to supress emotions, and learn to hold back thoughts and feelings that have littered their lives. As a result, empaths can often turn to substance abuse as adults to numb the sensations they feel yet can’t explain; become mentally fragile or depressed; develop social phobias; or become physically ill with a lowered immune system from years of taking on all that the world around them has thrown in their path. Fortunately, empaths are now becoming more known and celebrated within society, and with this, comes a plethora of tools and traditions that can help them navigate through life with ease and grace – such as Reiki.

Because Reiki is a form of energy healing, empaths will naturally gravitate towards this modality to cleanse their mind, body, and soul of all that they have picked up in order to arrive back in their centre firmly ground. While most will come to seek out stand alone healing treatments (which are also an incredibly tool!), there are huge benefits to becoming attuned by an experienced Reiki master who understands what it is like to be an empath. Through this, students can develop a sort of ‘spiritual toolbox’; helping them learn how to ground their energy when they are feeling out of body; protect themselves when they are surrounded by negative or heavy energy; and of course, how to cleanse their aura at the end of each day so they let go of anything that has become embedded within their energy field. Learning Reiki can be done at any age, and fortunately, doesn't require long hours to learn at an entry level.

“Learning Reiki will help to ground you and strengthen your energy field in many ways that are highly supportive for empaths and sensitives. I recommend that empaths learn Reiki, even if they don’t want to do healing work, just to support and strengthen themselves”
– Lisa Campion, author of ‘The Art Of Psychic Reiki’.

When offered by the right teacher, Reiki helps empaths gently peel back the emotional, mental and even physical layers that are casting shadow on their life, and move through them towards the light. It acts as a sort of 'life cleanser'; detoxing negative situations, addictions, lifestyle habits, work, and even people from their lives so they can live into their highest and greatest good. These are of course only examples of the areas that can naturally surface upon initiation into Reiki, and why it is important to have a strong daily practice, that utilises journaling as a tool for reflection. From personal experience, I used Reiki on a physical level to help heal my endometriosis (successfully), and also learned to confidently let go of some very toxic relationships which were holding me captive. It taught me to value myself and time more greatly; grew my self-confidence; and allowed me to finally step into the deeply sensitive, ever creative, and highly spiritual being I had been suppressing my entire life. In short, Reiki helps the initiate deeply transform, and brings physical, mental and emotional nuances to the surface in order to heal, arming them with newfound energy to protect themselves.

Becoming attuned to Reiki is a short, simple process that comes with an abundance of benefits too. Most initiations will be held over a two-day weekend where the Reiki Master shares information passed down by their own master/s and mentors, often putting a unique spin on it to personalise the experience. Therefore, when an empath is interested in becoming attuned to the universal healing powers of Reiki, it is important to receive at least one energy healing treatment from their intended Reiki Teacher so they can decide if their presence and energy is one that they want to work with. Also of importance, is asking of their intended masters experience; what they offer in the training; and of course, if they understand the distinct needs of an empath or highly sensitive person so that they can receive the maximum benefits that can be utilised for life. Before diving in and finding the fastest/cheapest/most readily available course, I really encourage you to find a teacher you connect with as I believe their energy and intentions have a way of cultivating your own practice.

If you resonate as an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP), I highly recommend you to try Reiki for yourself and document your experience. Write down how you were feeling a day before, and the day of the treatment; as well as how you felt immediately afterwards, during, and a few days later. Reiki has the power to work through time and space too, so if you are looking to work with someone that might not be near you physically, you can always ask about distance healings and if they are looking at hosting workshops in your location.

Want to try Reiki for yourself? I will be in Melbourne August 17th - 27th, offering in person treatments, Reiki Level One (August 20th - 21st) and a Manifesting Workshop on Friday 19th.

Please check out what I offer and sign up for my newsletters to stay in touch. If you're a more visual person, I also post regularly on Instagram and readily respond to messages.

Until my next blog,

Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx

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*Notes for empaths:

Empaths all have different levels of feeling, and we all pick up energy in different ways. It could be be staring into someone's eyes, sitting next to someone, holding hands, intention, or being within someone's presence. Usually the closer you are to someone, the more you will feel their energy - but, depending on the depth of a relationship, some empaths will also feel things loved ones are experiencing in different parts of the world!

For the intuitive and emotional empaths amongst us, we will ‘sense’ what others are thinking or feeling at the emotional or mental level as if it was our own life being lived. This can be anyone and everyone, which can often become overwhelming in places that have a lot of human traffic e.g. supermarkets, airports, public transport, offices, central city. Some empaths will feel things more deeply than others, or feel 'collective energy' of a city (e.g. Melbourne during lockdown) and be overwhelmed with emotions, thoughts and feelings that might not be there own, though it can become hard to distinguish. These feelings when not cleansed and cleared, can linger within, often chipping away at confidence, self-esteem, mental and physical health.

Physical empaths on the other hand, will ‘feel’ things in their body that others are going through like headaches, heartache, upset tummies and so on. depending on the depth of their relationship (or proximity e.g. touching, sitting side by side), they can even feel peoples pain through injury or illness.

Empaths are sensitive souls because of this, and often become overwhelmed by visiting busy places. Empathic children will often not want to go to school because they 'feel' so much of what their peers are going through, and mostly, have not developed the skills that adult empaths can in order to guard, cleanse and protect their energy in order to switch off.

References and Recommended Reading:

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